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What happened today during Gandhi?


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What happened today during Gandhi?


About 2 hrs into this 191 min (3 hr 11 min) movie Ben Mankiewicz broke in with his concluding comments. Then after a few previews John Lithgow came on and introduced "Swiss Family Robinson."

I double checked to make sure daylight savings hadn't suddenly kicked in, but then I remembered seeing the TCM beginning of "Gandhi" and unless it had been terribly cut, it shouldn't have abruptly ended in 2 hrs.

Finally after about 21 minutes "Gandhi" came back on. Whether it picked up where it left off I don't know.

I remember seeing "Gandhi" back in 1983 and I had really been looking forward to watching this movie "uncut" on TCM. I wonder if it will take another year or so before they show it again, hopefully without this problem. I'm also wondering how this 21 plus minute loss will effect the rest of the evenings programing.

Do you think TCM will replay "Gandhi" (uncut/unedited) this September to make up for this programer error or did we just lose out?

Anybody know?

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There was a glitch that caused all this.


See the the two threads in General Discussions and the one thread in Hot Topics for further information and explanations.


Someone screwed up entering the info into the computer and *Gandhi* was interrupted for twenty minutes by Ben M's outro, promos and the beginning of *Essentials, Jr*.


Luckily someone caught the mistake and put *Gandhi* back on the air.

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Thanks lzcutter, I read through all the other threads regarding the glitch with "Gandhi."

I believe Mr. Dobbs is incorrrect in his "planned break" assumption. To me it was an obvious error...someone asleep at the wheel.

It saddens me that there is no one at TCM physically viewing for 24/7, even at minimum wage, an intern would have caught the error far faster than the 7 minute "delay" it took GW to respond to 9/11.


I had long suspected that both Mr. Osborn & Mr. Mankiewicz probably worked an hour or so a week advance taping their intros and concluding remarks, but with the holiday evening informal dress changes and "Wasn't that a great movie" comments it gave me some comfort to delude myself with the thought that maybe someone at the studio was watching their movies with me into the wee hrs of the morning.

Now that delusion is forever shattered...


My only concern is that since it was an obvious studio error, will they play fair for those that have been following their program schedule and really wanted to see this movie and reschedule "Gandhi" to play again (without an interruption) sooner, rather than later?

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*To all who are Tivoing/recording this evening, it might be a good idea to add at least 20 minutes to the end of the record time to compensate for the glitch.*




The majority of broadcast centers today are automated. Like other businesses, the television/cable business is no different and finding ways to save money by automating as much as they can.


TCM takes glitches like this very serious. See the *Gandhi* thread in Hot Topics and see the post from Kyle in Hollywood for more information.


TCM, will no doubt, make every effort to secure *Gandhi* for an encore screening. They try their best to do this when unfortunate broadcast problems and glitches arise.

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