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British Home front movie?


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Can anyone recall a movie about families living on the rivers and canals in England during the second world war. I don't recall any of the actors, in fact I don't recall a great deal about the movie except the feel was very uplifting. Every time I think about it I watch Mrs. Miniver and that is not it. The families band together, I think the main family moves from their home in the city to their river home for safety while dad is away fighting making for a reunion scene in the end??

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mymigraine, I think the movie you are refering to is John Boorman's semi-autobiographical movie 'Hope and Glory' from 1987. In the latter part of the movie the family move from their burned-out home in a London suburb to the 'Grandparents' house in the country. The house is on the bank of a river.




Best wishes

Metairie Road

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Metairie Road Thank you so much! I was gone a couple days but got your message when I came back and watched it streaming from netflix. Yes this is the movie!! I must get it from Amazon or something now and then I can watch Mrs Miniver and and some of other favs from the the older era and not be bother by what is that other movie???? I do so appreciate your help!!

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