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SUTS actor/actress you have enjoyed most


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I know we still have a week left for SUTS...but I already know which day was my favorite.


First, I am grateful for the chance to see some of these more obscure John Gilbert films. I never really was a fan of his...but I think I have developed an appreciation for him today. It proves that if today's audiences can gain some sort of exposure to these stars and their films, new fan followings will likely occur.


Second, there are actors whom I have long adored and was eager to see have the spotlight on them this month. Liz Taylor, featured yesterday, is one such performer. I am also a big Maureen O'Hara fan, Olivia de Havilland fan and Ann Sheridan fan.


However, the star I really came to love during this month-long series of tributes: _Julie Christie_. I am just head over heels for her. I would never have taken the time to seek out her film work. But now, I am of a different mind and will search high and low for more Julie Christie movies. Thanks.



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I'm sure my favorite SUTS day will be Peter O'Toole. They are showing *The Ruling Class*, which is one of my favorite films, *Lawrence of Arabia*, which is great, and *The Stunt Man*, which I've heard so much about, but I've never seen, and it isn't on DVD, just to name a few.


As to Julie Christie. Before I watched several of her films on TCM that I had not seen before, I thought she was always rather wooden, and didn't think much of her. After seeing her in a few more films, I still don't think she's a great actress by any means, but I think she is not always wooden, and usually adequate.

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John Gilbert for sure!!! (and coming up will be Thelma Todd next week!!!! I think that will be my favorite of all!).


Also, I've enjoyed:

Basil Rathbone

Bob Hope

Ann Sheridan

Norma Shearer

Gene Tierney

Maureen O'Hara

Walter Pidgeon


Some pretty cool stuff on most of those days!

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Looking at the number of films I watched for the first time and really enjoyed I will say my favorites were Norma Shearer and John Mills. Not to mention on Norma's day they played Student Prince in prime time which is always a good thing. Bob Hope was a fun day as well.


Not days but I think my favorite films I discovered this month were The Set-Up and The Mortal Storm. Oh and I was also surprised how much I enjoyed The Quiet Man. Maureen O'Hara's performance was a large part of this.

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I am glad THE MORTAL STORM had a primetime showing (on Robert Stack's day). It's a very important film.


I agree that seeing some of Norma's silent films, especially STUDENT PRINCE during the evening hours, was a bonus. I would like to see the musical version of this on TCM, the one that MGM made in 1954 starring Mario Lanza and Ann Blyth. It would be fun to compare it.



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*I understand your point, thats what's great about the SUTS format. You get to see the featured star in a number of different roles, and can develop a greater appreciation for them.*


And it makes it worthwhile EVEN THOUGH they don't show, say, LAURA or GRAPES OF WRATH, thank God they honored Gene Tierney or Henry Fonda, instead of the "better not honor them if you can't show that one essential film" sentiment that's been expressed here.

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John Gilbert's day was sensational. What a treat to watch those films. A fine, fine, actor. More than ever, I'm hoping for the restored BIG PARADE. I' ve enjoyed Shearer and Sheridan as well ("One More Tomorrow" was better than I thought it was going to be) and am looking forward to Ms. Todd. Hey! Maybe next year TCM can do a Leila Hyams day and rerun the Gilbert flicks!

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