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December 2010 schedule posted

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What a joy to read! This is a very fun and exciting schedule.


The month includes the final three episodes of "Moguls And Movie Stars" and a wonderful line-up of films to accompany the years of 1940 to 1970. (Haven't seen *The Defiant Ones* on TCM in a long time.)


December holds a present in the form of a new "Private Screenings" with Liza Minnelli being shown twice - once with an evening of films starring her mother and/or directed by her father. And there is another presentation as part of a night of her own films ("Welcome back" *Cabaret* and "Hello" to the debut *A Matter Of Time* and Stepping Out) and more films by her father.


Attention Clifton Webb fans - "Mr. Belvedere" is coming to TCM in December in two films. WooHoo!


In the tradition of the notorious past showing of the "Thin Man" films in reverse order ("Why? Why not? Because we can." - TCM Behind The Scenes, April 2010), TCM will show (all ?) the Andy Hardy films in reverse. Nice!


As gagman66 has written, *Intolerance* and *Sunny Side Up* are two of the really note-worthy showings in the month. (Is *Intolerance* really only 115m long? I thought it was much longer. Sure seemed like it in school.)


Friday evenings are turned over to "holiday" films including *The Bishop Wife* coming back where it belongs in December.


The Programming department has "made good" with rescheduling of *Gandhi* and the evening of Ealing Comedies which were preempted earlier this year. Thank You.


And there are two special line-ups for two of our friends here on the 28th of the month - six "Dr. Kildare" movies to warm our friend 'patful' and, even more excitingly, an evening with Will Rogers (7 films!), courtesy of TCM and 20th Century Fox, for MissGoddess.


What a way to bring the year to its end. It is a wonderful month.


One question. No night set aside for those that passed away in 2010? Or did I just miss it?


Take a bow programmers while I bow to you. You've done really well for December and for the past year.


Kyle In Hollywood


Edited by: hlywdkjk on Aug 27, 2010 7:58 PM

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I was beginning to think we were never going to see another edition of Private Screenings, so having a new episode with Liza Minnelli is a really great Christmas from TCM....


....On the other hand I cannot help thinking their programmers have a twisted sense of humor, MAKE WAY FOR TOMORROW is a brilliant must-see film, but it is not exactly the tinsel-filled film.one expects to find on Christmas Eve. However the one that made me laugh out-loud was their scheduling of WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF on Christmas night.


Edited by: richardny4me on Aug 27, 2010 11:44 PM

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I'm totally grooving!!!


Kyle, glad you've found things to be stoked about!!!


What I'm most passionate about---


Pretty much all of Dec 2nd, WOW!!! I haven't seen THE BEAST OF THE CITY in ages, but the entire day, even into the night, is awesome!!!! OMG, pre-codes and 30's films!!!


Sat, Dec 4, I'm really grooving on seeing CONFESSIONS OF A NAZI SPY in prime-time, I groove to that and haven't seen it in a long time!


ZOO IN BUDAPEST (1933) late Sunday night!!! Woot!!


I'm psyched to see PUSHOVER back on the schedule!!!




A full day of "Andy Hardy" on Dec 16th!!!


Gary Coop on the evening of Dec 18th, including MEET JOHN DOE!!!


IT HAPPENED ON 5TH AVE, I love that film and so glad to see it again!!


An evening of rare early 30's films on the 28th!!!


The Marx Bros, including the early Paramounts, on New Year's Eve!!! YES!!!


I groove. Totally!!!

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I'm really excited about the Will Rogers lineup on the?28th-thank you so much TCM programmers! And those of us who attended the TCM Festival get to reprise our great pleasure of seeing *Sunnyside Up* once again. So many musical highlights- Turn on the Heat, If I Had a Talking Picture of You, Sunnyside Up, I'm a Dreamer; Aren't We All ? and the surprise hit: You've Got Me Pickin' Petals off O' Daisies.

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I think I'm going to do a bit of analysis about the December schedule. A few patterns emerge when you look closely at what's programmed. I don't want to just post a gush-fest of comments about it. I think people expect me to be a bit analytical. I will offer those comments tomorrow...

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Okay, I think I'm ready...I'm going to go over this now:


- SUSAN SLEPT HERE and BUNDLE OF JOY seem to only make it on the sched in Dec. They hibernate the rest of the year.

- A CHRISTMAS CAROL to air three times, on 12.4, 12.10 & 12.25

- FAMILY HONEYMOON proves that a few drops are trickling out of the Paramount vat. Meanwhile, TENDER IS THE NIGHT comes to us from Fox (it's the last film David Selznick produced for Jennifer Jones).

- A FACE IN THE CROWD just won't get lost in the crowd.

- Dorothy Malone evening on Dec. 7. Earlier that day we have war films to commemorate Pearl Harbor Day.

- PUSHOVER was just released on DVD.

- Dec. 8: Olivia de Havilland trio; Natalie Wood trio (more Nat gets shown later in the month)

- SCROOGE...on 12.10, 12.19 and 12.24

- THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER: 12.10 & 12.24

- A smattering of Cary Grant throughout the month.

- HOLIDAY AFFAIR: 12.05, 12.17 & 12.24

- The two Belvedere films are the sequels that FMC does not usually air. The original (and best), called SITTING PRETTY, probably costs too much to borrow. It's in that rarified Marilyn Monroe strata over at Fox, right alongside LAURA.

- Lee Remick quartet on 12.14.

- 12.15: Stanwyck quartet

- 12.15: Fifteen Andy Hardy films, as has been mentioned previously in the thread.

- 12.18: An evening of Coop.

- GREASE is on the sched. We have Travolta, Liza, Michael Douglas, Elizabeth Ashley, Faye Dunaway and Alan Alda pushing us into the 70s.

- Jane Fonda quartet on 12.21.

- Day of the Duke on 12.22

- Christmas Eve/Christmas Day, touch of feminism: from witches to little women.

- 12.26: Disney Live Action day with Dean, Herbie, Hayley and the rest of Walt's usual gang.

- 12.28: six DR. KILDARE flicks in honor of Lew Ayres' birthday

- Also on the 28th: seven Will Rogers films. For DVR recorders, an eighth film, JUDGE PRIEST, is airing in September on the Encore westerns channel.

- BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY'S makes a rare appearance on Dec. 30th. This should've been featured for Pat Neal's memorial tribute in September...not in a way that highlights Mickey Rooney's racist portrayal of an Asian for SOTM programming.

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I have seen precious little of Will Rogers either Silent or Sound. And He was such a famous and beloved figure too. On the downside, I could certainly do without the 1925 Larry Semon version of *THE WIZARD OF OZ* again. Really awful. Would much rather have seen *NOAH'S ARK* or *TIDE OF EMPIRE* neither of which has been shown in at least 7 years. *TIDE* not in a decade. *MARE NOSTRUM* hasn't aired in nearly as long. So very happy to have that back on schedule.


Last year *SCROOGE* wasn't shown after debuting on TCM in 2008. The Albert Finney version is probably my favorite live action adaption of Dicken's *A CHRISTMAS CAROL.* I just wish that TCM could run the Chuck Jones animated version from 1971.


I think it's kind of surprising that TCM is premiering *SUNNY SIDE UP*, when they have still never shown *SEVENTH HEAVEN, STREET ANGEL,* or *LUCKY STAR.* Hopefully, we might get *SEVENTH HEAVEN,* and *STREET ANGEL* both during Oscar month. Not to mention *UNDERWORLD* and *THE LAST COMMAND.*

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*"The cinematic equivalent of getting a lump of coal in your stocking - Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf on Christmas Day."* - clore


*" However the one that made me laugh out-loud was their scheduling of WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF on Christmas night."* - richardny4me


With *The Lion In Winter* (and its Christmas Court reunion) as the "Essentials" lead-in on Christmas night, an evening of dysfunctional family gatherings may not be "heart-warming" but it can be one with which many viewers will relate.

I think of it as the programming decision to put away the eggnog and breaking out the bourbon. Straight. No Chaser.


Kyle In Hollywood


Edited by: hlywdkjk on Aug 28, 2010 6:57 AM

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They could've (and should've in my opinion) placed a Humphrey Bogart film on the 25th, since that's his birthday. VIRGINIA WOOLF could've been scheduled another day, if necessary. In fact, there are very few birthday tributes on this schedule...I see Lew Ayres and DR. KILDARE on the 28th but are there any others?


Here are some of the more noteworthy celeb birthdays for the month of December:


*1 Mary Martin*

*2 Julie Harris, Warren William*

*3 Anna Sten*



*6 Agnes Moorhead, William S. Hart*

*7 Fay Bainter, Eli Wallach*

*8 Lee J. Cobb, Sammy Davis, James MacArthur*

*9 Kirk Douglas, Broderick Crawford, Margaret Hamilton, Douglas Fairbanks, Jr.*

*10 Dorothy Lamour, Victor McLaglen, Moyna Macgill, Una Merkel, Ray Collins*

*11 Betsy Blair, Marie Windsor*

*12 Edward G. Robinson, Karen Morley*

*13 Van Heflin, Christopher Plummer, Mark Stevens, Larry Parks*

*14 Lee Remick, Brian Keith*


*16 Noel Coward*

*17 Katina Paxinou, Richard Long*

*18 Betty Grable, Peggy Cummins, Gladys Cooper*


*20 Dennis Morgan, Audrey Totter, Irene Dunne, Charley Grapewin*


*22 Frankie Darro, Ruth Roman*


*24 Ava Gardner, Ruth Chatterton*

*25 Humphrey Bogart, Helen Twelvetrees*

*26 Richard Widmark*

*27 Marlene Dietrich, Sidney Greenstreet*

*28 Lew Ayres, Lee Bowman*


*30 Russ Tamblyn, Jo Van Fleet, Jeanette Nolan*


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My personal feeling is, with a few exceptions, a disappointing month; especially if you are looking for premiers. The good news is : ZOO IN BUDAPEST, SUNNYSIDE UP, A few Will Rogers films, and THE COMIC. I wish they would show some of TCM's DVD exclusives like THE LAST OUTPOST, INTERNES CAN'T TAKE MONEY, or CAPTAIN LIGHTFOOT,but I guess that would cut into sales. Not a smart business move.

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That's great that SUNNY SIDE UP in scheduled, but how can we be sure it's the newly restored print? Has that been confirmed anywhere?

And why is it in a 90-minute time slot (it runs 121 minutes). And why do they list it as being in color? Looks like there still needs to be some schedule adjusting done.

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> {quote:title=PrinceSaliano wrote:}{quote}

> The bright spots...SUBMARINE RAIDER (rare Columbia B)...


SUBMARINE RAIDER - yes, I noticed that one, too! A highlight of the month for me...something that's actually never been on before, and that I've never seen before.

But, being a Columbia, here's hoping it's still on the schedule when broadcast day rolls around.


And speaking of rare Columbias, I was VERY disappointed that the absolute highlight of the month of September on TCM for me, the 1931 Columbia feature LOVER COME BACK has been dropped from the schedule.

It's a very rare one, an early talkie with Betty Bronson! Now it's gone. I hope TCM will try again to get this one.

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> {quote:title=PrinceSaliano wrote:}{quote}

> What did they replace it with?


I'm not sure what replaced it. It was scheduled for the 16th. I don't have the original schedule saved anywhere to refer to, and I'm not sure how to access it any more.

It may be A FEATHER IN HER HAT at 6:00 A.M. (eastern) that replaced it.

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It is *A Feather in Her Hat*


The original schedule was:

5:30 AM Now Playing October (2010) C-0 mins,

16 Thursday

6:00 AM Lover Come Back (1931)

When the man she loves marries another, a stenographer marries her boorish boss. Cast: Constance Cummings, Jack Mulhall, Betty Bronson. Dir: Erle C. Kenton. BW-68 mins,

7:15 AM Night Is Young, The (1935)

A European nobleman falls for a ballerina. Cast: Evelyn Laye, Ramon Novarro, Una Merkel. Dir: Dudley Murphy. BW-81 mins, TV-G, CC


Now it says:

5:30 AM Now Playing October (2010) C-25 mins, , CC

16 Thursday

6:00 AM Feather in Her Hat, A (1935)

A female shopkeeper sacrifices everything to give her son a theatrical career. Cast: Pauline Lord, Basil Rathbone, Billie Burke. Dir: Alfred Santell. BW-72 mins, TV-G

7:15 AM Night Is Young, The (1935)

A European nobleman falls for a ballerina. Cast: Evelyn Laye, Ramon Novarro, Una Merkel. Dir: Dudley Murphy. BW-81 mins, TV-G, CC

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