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I have always wondered...


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I'm sure everyone has them, a random question about a favorite movie...for example; What did Fred/Paul have engraved on the Cracker Jack ring for Holly in Breakfast at Tiffany's (my friends and I have wondered this for years).


And in Dial M for Murder; Did Tony intend to Frame Margot for the murder after the plan was botched, or was that a "lucky" coincidence? I mean, he did look pretty surprised when the detective explained how he couldn't have come through the window.


Any one else have any random movie questions (or answers)?

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Of course he meant for her to be murdered, but did he intend to frame her? Why make sure that the detectives saw the stocking on the desk or plant the letter on him? But I could never say for sure because of his reaction to the detectives figuring out that he didn't come through the window because his shoes were clean. Great ending though! I thought maybe the mismatched key was to the attache case (if Swann had received it before the murder for some reason) but I never would have guessed the original key was still under the carpet!

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I have always assumed she fooling around with Barney Quill and instead of coming clean said that Quill attacked her. She never acted liked she cared for her husband during the entire movie. Jimmy had to push her to get her to act in a way that would help her husband beat the rap.

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It seemed clear to me that attempt to frame her was completely last-minute opportunity. He was so meticulous in every detail he would surely have thought of latch key if he had planned it in advance. It was by his attention to detail that led him to have letter with man's finerprints on it: he had thought of way to protect himself if man went to police instead of commiting murder for him. I can not see him being so careful and exact in so many ways and yet completely forgetting important detail like key.


I have always wondered about four words in *The Thomas Crown Affair* They are sitting in sauna and learn by telephone he can not make deal. He leans forward and says: "Samba...Sugarloaf...Jungle...Piranha"


I long blamed my not understanding on fact I could not hear them perfectly clearly and they may be strange words I do not know or perhaps other language. Closed Captioning shows them to be words I thought they were.

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It is from a poem called "The Market Street El". I don't know what the significance is though.




after the gates have closed

the dogs run free

among the headstones

as I pass

waiting for a train


samba, sugarloaf, jungle, piranha


burnt orange black line

hard tested steel

hammer forged

for a world of hammers

open your doors


samba, sugarloaf, jungle, piranha



cold people of faith

each to own

sit and stare

so as not to be seen

you do not want to die



samba, sugarloaf, jungle, piranha


new blind old

classic arch

Reflect in glass


samba, sugarloaf, jungle, piranha


oil in the machine


past neon bars


past empty windows

vacant walls

running over the streets

in high steam


samba, sugarloaf, jungle, piranha


trains come

to pass us by


Shiny Things

bend without edge

our strength is love


samba, sugarloaf, jungle, piranha

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> {quote:title=AngiLaLa wrote:}{quote}

> It is from a poem called "The Market Street El". I don't know what the significance is though.


Thank you very much for researching it. *The Thomas Crown Affair* was released in 1968 and The Market Street El was written in 2009 so movie lines were used in poem and not the other way around.

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