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Hoping You Folks Can Help Me Out!

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Hi everyone, I love film noir but am hardly an expert; I'm thinking of buying this print for someone, but I only recognize two film references in it, Kiss of Death and The Maltese Falcon, and of course, dear Peter Lorre. Would you folks mind taking a look and telling me what other films/actors you see in it? I'd be grateful, thanks...

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LeffRight, I'm sorry, but I find it very difficult to make out the detail in your poster. I just can't see it well enough to recognize actors or film noir scenes well enough to name them. I'm just guessing, but perhaps others had the same problem, which might be why you haven't received a response yet.


If you like it, go ahead and get it. I'm sure when looking at the actual print you'd have a much easier time spotting stars and noir film references in it.


Edited by: misswonderly on Sep 4, 2010 3:33 PM

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Thanks so much for your permission to buy the print, but that wasn't what I was asking for!!!! I don't have a problem with my eyes, as I said, I just don't know as much about film noir as I thought people here would, so it naturally occurred to me to come here for help. I thought at the time it was the logical thing to do. I'm short on cash and long on common sense, so I don't buy anything unless I'm sure it is what I want and need. I have a wonderful jpeg of this, that is how I was able to identify the two films that I have, I wanted to upload it here from my hard disk, but if there is a way to do that, it eludes me, that's why I put the link to the site -- I'm sorry if the resolution is bad, I don't know what to say, the site looks fine on my set up and it's hardly state of the art.


But thanks for replying, it was nice talking to you.

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