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The Great Gatsby(1949)


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Great Film

Alan Ladd is an exgangster turned into society gentleman in the F Scott Fitzgerald Novel.

Also in cast Barry Sullivan,McDonald Carey,Shelly Winters,Ruth Hussey,Elisha Cooke JR,

Betty Field is great as Daisy Buchanan.

The 1974 version should be avoided at all costs.

Also filmed in 1926 and 2001.

The 1949 version is the Best.

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A trailer survives of the 1926 version and is on "More Treasures from American Film Archives". Warner Baxer is Gatsby and Lois Wilson as Daisy co starring William Powell and Neil Hamilton { Holy Lawman , Batman, it's Commissoner Gordon }. The word is the film was a Grade A production, but considering it is supposed to be lost, I guess we'll never know. But lets hope that Paramount or whoever owns the rights will get off their duff and release the Ladd/Fields version for us to see.....


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I never heard of any copyright problems with the Ladd version. The only one I have heard was that Paramount sat on it because of the Redford/Farrow version.The same way Disney bought the rights to the 1940 version of :Swiss Family Robinson" because of their 1960 version and they're going to remake it again so I guess we'll never see the Thomas Mitchell version....

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It's no surprise since Disney bought the RKO rights and all the prints of the 1940 version, so no comparision could be made to their version. This was the first film performance of Orson Wells, he served as narrator before he did "Citizan Kane"

But Disney did include 20 minutes of the RKO version on the DVD release of their 1960 version.It stays closer to the original story then the Disney film. It stars Thomas Mitchell, Edna Best, Freddie Barholomew and Tim Holt'. Does Disney have so little faith in their film to permit the other version to be buried. Is it true TCM has a dvd version?


Edited by: fredbaetz on Sep 10, 2010 10:52 PM

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1949 A couple,Nick(McDonald Carey)and Jordan(Ruth Hussey)pay their respects at the grave of Jay Gatsby(Alan Ladd)In a flashback they tell of his life.

Jay started out as a down and out dockworker who meets tycoon Dan Colby(Henry Hull)who hires him to manage his boat.Jay meets Daisy Buchanan(Betty Field)and they fall in love.

After Colby dies,WW1 breaks out and Jay is sent to France.Daisy marries Tom Buchanan(Barry Sullivan)who she does not love.Tom soon has an affair with local tramp,Myrtle(Shelly Winters)behind the back of her jealous husband(Howard Da Silva).

Jay returns from France a war hero,but he must get to riches fast.Prohibition breaks out and he forms a gang.After making his fortune,Jay and two of his gang(Elisha Cook JR and Ed Begley)get into society and Jay feels hes now right for Daisy.

High Society welcomes Jay,but Nick is suspicious about his past life.


Keep an eye out for Ray Teal(Bit)


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