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SONY Screen Classics By Request


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July 5 releases:



*First Target *(2000)

*The Fuller Brush Girl *(1950)

*Hands Across the Rockies *(1941)

*Her Husband's Affairs *(1947)

*The Magic Carpet *(1951)

*Miss Grant Takes Richmond *(1949)

*Revolver *(1992)

*Spring Break *(1983)

*Tell It to the Judge *(1949)

*Thomasine and Bushrod *(1974)



Another so-so collection mostly with films starring Lucy.



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*August 2 titles:*


Black Moon (1934) stars Fay Wray

The Captain Hates the Sea (1934) stars John Gilbert

Circuitry Man (1990)

Counter-Espionage (1942)

A Dandy in Aspic (1968) stars Laurence Harvey

Obsession (1976) stars Cliff Robertson

Passport to Suez (1943)

The Queens (aka La Fate) (1966)

The Stone Killer (1973)

Vanina Vanini (1961)

Young Winston (1972) sfars Anne Bancroft, Robert Shaw


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*Berserk!* (1967), Joan Crawford

*Gidget Goes Hawaiian* (1961)

*Guilty of Innocence: The Lenell Geter Story* (1987)

*Housekeeping* (1987)

*In the French Style* (1963)

*Journey to the Center of the Earth* (1993)

*Mad Dog Coll* (1961)

*Miracle on the Mountain: The Kincaid Family Story* (2000)

*Neighbors* (1981)

*The Quick Gun* (1964)

*Vanina Vanini* (1961) (delayed from August)

*Yor, the Hunter from the Future* (1983)



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*13 West Street* (1962)

*Amazing Grace and Chuck* (1987)

*American Madness* (1932) (available on DVD)

*Before I Hang* (1940) (available on DVD)

*The Black Room* (1935) (available on DVD)

*Edge of Eternity* (1959)

*Lost Horizon* (1973)

*Martha & Ethel* (1994)

*The Night Holds Terror* (1955)

*The Tango Lesson* (1997)



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11/1 Release:




Boston ****'s Chinese Adventure (1949), the 14th and last of the fast-moving comedy-mysteries has Chester Morris' **** accused of murdering a Chinese laundry owner.




*[Odongo|http://www.classicflix.com/odongo-screen-classics-p-11837.html]* (1956) starring Rhonda Fleming and Macdonald Carey; and a remake of The Four Feathers *[storm Over the Nile|http://www.classicflix.com/storm-over-nile-screen-classics-p-11838.html]* (1955) starring Anthony Steel, Laurence Harvey, James Robertson Justice and featuring a young Christopher Lee. Co-directors are Terence Young and Zoltan Korda (director of the 1939 version).


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12/6 Releases:




*[island of Doomed Men|http://www.classicflix.com/island-doomed-columbia-classics-p-11879.html]* (1940) with Peter Lorre and Rochelle Hudson; *[The Fuller Brush Man|http://www.classicflix.com/fuller-brush-columbia-classics-p-11882.html]* (1948) with Red Skelton, Janet Blair, Don McGuire, Hillary Brooke and Adele Jergens.; the animated classic *[1001 Arabian Nights|http://www.classicflix.com/1001-arabian-nights-columbia-classics-p-11883.html]*


* *[beyond Mombasa|http://www.classicflix.com/beyond-mombasa-columbia-classics-p-11878.html]** (1957) - Cornel Wilde, Donna Reed, Leo Genn, Ron Randell, Christopher Lee & Dir. George Marshall

* *[Escape from San Quentin|http://www.classicflix.com/escape-from-quentin-columbia-classics-p-11881.html]** (1957) - Johnny Desmond, Merry Anders; [Harmon of Michigan|http://www.classicflix.com/harmon-michigan-columbia-classics-p-11876.html]* * (1941) - Tom Harmon, Anita Louise, Larry Parks, Lloyd Bridges * *[The Missing Juror|http://www.classicflix.com/missing-juror-columbia-classics-p-11880.html]** (1944) - Jim Bannon, Janis Carter, George Macready, Jean Stevens, Joseph Crehan & Dir. by Budd Boetticher

* *[Town on Trial|http://www.classicflix.com/town-trial-columbia-classics-p-11877.html]** (1957) - Charles Coburn, John Mills, Barbara Bates

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1/3 Releases


REIGN OF TERROR (aka THE BLACK BOOK) Bob Cummings, Arlene Dahl Finally this film is being rescued from PD. The prints have been horrendous that are now available. Much of the film looks too dark.


ZARAK, Victor Mature, Anita Ekberg

TAKE A GIRL LIKE YOU, Hayley Mills, Oliver Reed



LUV, Jack Lemmon



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1/3 Releases (CORRECTION)


*[Paradise Lagoon|http://www.classicflix.com/paradise-lagoon-columbia-classics-admirable-crichton-p-12025.html]** (1957) A.K.A. The Admirable Crichton - Kenneth More, Diane Cilento, Cecil Parker, Sally Ann Howes, Martita Hunt

*[Carolina Blues|http://www.classicflix.com/carolina-blues-columbia-classics-p-12024.html]** (1944) - Kay Kyser, Ann Miller, Victor Moore

*[Zarak|http://www.classicflix.com/zarak-columbia-classics-p-12023.html]** (1956) - Victor Mature, Michael Wilding, Anita Ekberg

*[The Black Book|http://www.classicflix.com/black-book-columbia-classics-reign-terror-p-12022.html]** ** (1949) A.K.A Reign of Terror - Robert Cummings, Richard Basehart, Richard Hart, Arlene Dahl

There's Something About a Soidier -(1943) - Evelyn Keyes

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I would assume SONY used original masters for this DVD-R release. Have not heard any comments as yet to the quality. The DVD certainly can't be like the awful PD's that are available. It is a bit pricey as well. Hopefully there will be a sale on the Columbia titles soon.

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Exciting news for Charley Chase fans, announced Nov. 28, 2012:

SONY/Columbia has announced the long-awaited DVD release of their Charley Chase shorts, Volume One.
Release date is expected to be January 1, 2013.

Shorts included:
Man Bites Lovebug (1937)
The Mind Needer (1938)
The Chump Takes a Bump (1939)
Rattling Romeo (1939)
Skinny the Moocher (1939)
The Awful Goof (1939)
The Heckler (1940)
South of the Boudoir (1940)
A Nag in the Bag (1938) (Starring Smith & Dale, directed by Charley Chase).

With only 8 of the total of 20 Chase shorts included in this volume, I expect they may spread the remaining 12 out over two more volumes and include more shorts Chase directed starring others.

Check their site for further updates:

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*[Full of Life|http://www.classicflix.com/full-life-columbia-classics-p-13288.html]* (1956) starring Judy Holliday and Richard Conte.


* *[East of Sudan|http://www.classicflix.com/east-sudan-columbia-classics-p-13290.html]** (1964) - Anthony Quayle, Sylvia Syms, Derek Fowlds, Jenny Agutter

* *[The Fighting Frontiersman|http://www.classicflix.com/fighting-frontiersman-columbia-classics-p-13289.html]** (1946) - Charles Starrett, Helen Mowery, Smiley Burnette

* *[Chain Gang|http://www.classicflix.com/chain-gang-columbia-classics-p-13287.html]** (1950) - Douglas Kennedy, Marjorie Lord, Emory Parnell, William 'Bill' Phillips, Thurston Hall





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January titles:

[Charley Chase Shorts: Volume 1|http://www.hometheaterforum.com/t/325591/just-read-over-at-www-thedigitalbits-com-that-sony-will-be-releasing-charley-chase-shorts-v1-on-1-1-2013-via-mod-dvd-r-and-they-may-be-the-sound-shorts]

*Charlie's Angels* - The Complete Fifth Season (1980-1981) ** (in Charlie's Angels - The Complete Series)

*Dead by Sunset* (1995)

*Flight Into Nowhere* (1938)

*How to Save a Marriage (And Ruin Your Life)* (1968)** (in Dean Martin Double Feature)

*I Dream of Jeannie... Fifteen Years Later* (1985)

*It's All Gone Pete Tong* (2004)**

*Love and Pain and the Whole Damn Thing* (1973)**

*Love Walked In* (1997)

*Once More, with Feeling!* (1960)

*The Three Stooges - Rare Treasures from the Columbia Pictures Vault* (3 discs)** (in The Three Stooges - Ultimate Collection)

*Who Was That Lady?* (1960)** (in Dean Martin Double Feature)

** previously released on DVD

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Sony has announced eight titles for February

Two standouts are* There's Always a Woman (1938) starring Joan Blondell, Melvyn Douglas, Mary Astor, Frances Drake and Jerome Cowan and* [Five Golden Hours|http://www.classicflix.com/five-golden-hours-columbia-classics-p-13394.html]* (1961) starring Ernie Kovacs, Cyd Charisse and George Sanders.


The other six are:

* *[Apache Ambush|http://www.classicflix.com/apache-ambush-columbia-classics-p-13397.html]** (1955) - Bill Williams, Richard Jaeckel, Alex Montoya, Movita

* *[Ambush at Tomahawk Gap|http://www.classicflix.com/ambush-tomahawk-columbia-classics-p-13396.html]** (1953) - John Hodiak, John Derek, David Brian, Maria Elena Marques, Ray Teal

* *[The Bamboo Prison|http://www.classicflix.com/bamboo-prison-columbia-classics-p-13395.html]** (1954) - Brian Keith, Robert Francis, Dianne Foster, Jerome Courtland, E.G. Marshall

* *[The Brigand|http://www.classicflix.com/brigand-columbia-classics-p-13393.html]** (1952) - Anthony Dexter, Jody Lawrance, Gale Robbins, Anthony Quinn, Carl Benton Reid

* *[Ghost of the China Sea|http://www.classicflix.com/ghost-china-columbia-classics-p-13392.html]** (1958) - David Brian, Lynette Bernay, Norman Wright

* *[Target Hong Kong|http://www.classicflix.com/target-hong-kong-columbia-classics-p-13391.html]** (1953) - Richard Denning, Nancy Gates, Richard Loo, Soo Yong, Ben Astar

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Four new-to-DVD titles make up Sony's [Columbia Classic|http://www.classicflix.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=ColumbiaClassics&rent=1&buy=1&x=29&y=15&categories_id=&inc_subcat=1&actor[] wave for March with *[Adventure in Washington|http://www.classicflix.com/adventure-washington-columbia-classics-p-13500.html]* (1941) starring Herbert Marshall, Virginia Bruce.


Westerns and Action-Adventures fill out the wave that will street on *March 12th*:


* *[The Big Gusher|http://www.classicflix.com/gusher-columbia-classics-p-13499.html]** (1951) - Wayne Morris, Preston Foster

* *[The California Trail|http://www.classicflix.com/california-trail-columbia-classics-p-13498.html]** (1933) - Buck Jones, Helen Mack,

* *[Death Goes North|http://www.classicflix.com/death-goes-north-columbia-classics-p-13497.html]** (1939) - Edgar Edwards, Sheila Bromley

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Three new-to-DVD titles are on tap for Sony's [Columbia Classic|http://www.classicflix.com/advanced_search_result.php?keywords=ColumbiaClassics&rent=1&buy=1&x=29&y=15&categories_id=&inc_subcat=1&actor[] wave in April. Street date is *April 23rd*.


* *[branded|http://www.classicflix.com/branded-columbia-classics-p-13677.html]** (1931) - Buck Jones

* *[Harem Girl|http://www.classicflix.com/harem-girl-columbia-classics-p-13676.html]** (1952) - Joan Davis, Peggie Castle

* *[The Key|http://www.classicflix.com/columbia-classics-p-13675.html]** (1958) - William Holden, Sophia Loren, Trevor Howard


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Sony has announced four more from their Columbia Classic line for release on July 9th. Headlining this latest wave is Uranium Boom (1956) starring Dennis Morgan, Patricia Medina; the 1950 Western-Comedy The Traveling Saleswoman starring Joan Davis, Andy Devine and featuring Adele Jergens and Joe Sawyer. Also out are:Teenage Crime Wave (1955) - Tommy Cook, Molly McCart; The Tijuana Story (1957) - Rodolfo Acosta, James Darren, Jean Willes


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Babies for Sale (1940) - Glenn Ford, Rochelle Hudson


Brave Warrior (1952) - Jon Hall, Christine Larsen


The Whole Truth (1958) - Stewart Granger, Donna Reed, George Sanders


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