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The 30th anniversary of 1980-Best Films!


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At the time, 1980 seemed a rather depressing year for movie, largely because many movies were financially disappointing, and the movies that did come out were not viewed with any great enthusiasm. It wasn't simply Heaven's Gate. Consider a movie like Rough Cut a heist comedy starring Burt Reynolds, with David Niven. It seems to have been rather disappointing, and it's not as if people cared about it in the decades afterward.

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*Kagemusha* is a masterpiece everyone should know.


*The Last Metro* is excellent.


*Sonezaki shinju* is too little known. It is very touching.


*Rough Cut* is movie I want to like more than I do. There is nothing wrong with it. The stars are wonderful. Script is better than book. Still there seems to be no magic in it. It is dull and lifeless.

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In retrospect, 1980 appears to mark the shift from the cinematically exciting seventies, to the more constrained, crass and commercial eighties. Launching the Friday the 13th franchise would be one of the more striking signs of this. What do the rest of you think?

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