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An interesting story


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Every Friday me, my grandmother, my mom and my grandmother's friend Barbara go out to supper. This friday Barbara brought with her a friend who lived in the same apartment complex with her. The women is in her early seventies, is from Seattle and lived in California for many years. As me and her got to talking i discovered she was a big movie buff, which was great. She told me about all her favorite films and how she was in Love with Dana Andrews. My mother then asked me " Hey....didn't Joan Crawford beat her kids?" I said " Well, it was rumored, they also said Bing Crosby did." So Pat (The lady that came to dinner) spoke up and said " Well...i knew Philip Crosby when i was in college, in fact he used to sleep on my couch all the time, we went to alot of movies together, and he never mentioned anything about his father. I also knew one of his distant relatives that i still keep in touch with." This was SO Cool. I was too shocked to ask any questions, but she's coming out with us next friday and i might be babysitting her grandkids. How often would something like this happen?


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I read Gary Crosby's book a few years ago. When it first came out, they were advertising it as a sort of "Daddy Dearest", since Joan Crawford's story had been such a best-seller. Well, the book was nothing like that. I could not help but feel that the author (Gary Crosby) was nothing more than a spoiled son of a very rich man. Bing was a very strict, very Catholic father, but he certainly did not abuse his sons. I was so glad to hear that.



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Here is an interesting article on Bing Crosby using *corporal punishment* NOT being a child abuser.



What Bing Crosby did is different from Joan Crawford which IS child abuse. Yes beating kids for *no reason*, taking ones frustrations out on our kids, sexual abuse *is child abuse*. The type of discipline used by parents who wants their children to grow up the straight and narrow and what schools use to use is not child abuse.


Todays standards are the reasons why people blame others for their inappropiate actions instead of taking responsiblilty themselves. (oh, they made me do it.)


*Lindsay Lohan lacked something in her life.*


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finance wrote:

<< Gary Crosby was very bitter because Bing's will provided that his heirs could not spend any of their inherited money until they were, I believe, 65. >>


It takes some people that long to grow up? Lol was Bing Crosby telling us something? I've have heard of stipulations in wills and trust funds that the people entitled had to reach a certain age or goal to prove that they deserve it.


Try to imagine some 18 year old getting a million dollars.



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I don't think poor Gary ever lived to be 65. My father met Gary once and had Judge(Andy Hardy) Lewis Stone talk with him. From what I've heard, I actually believe Gary. Even after Gary wrote the book, Crosby friends, like Bob Hope, were still extremely powerful and protective of Bing's "image".


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