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Virginia Mayo

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I was just thinking about starting a thread about her for SOTM.


What an incredibly sexy and stunning woman. What a figure. She had a great screen presence as well, and I've tried to watch every film of hers that's been on in the last few months, because admittedly, I hadn't seen many of her films before that (not counting the really famous ones that she was in).

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To me all we have to 'judge' an artist is their work. Bette Davis being the queen of the Warner's lot did indeed get first pick of all the material and of course this impacted what roles the other female Warner contract players got; De Havilland, Lupino, Sheridan, and later on Mayo.


But as much as I respect the talents of these other women (e.g. De Havilland is my second favorite actress behind Davis), I'm not going to say the many great roles that Davis has left us with would of been 'just as good' if anyone of these others did them. My gut tells me no, but the bottom line is no one can say. Again, all we have is that actual work each did create and is this regard Mayo, and all others have a 'lesser light' than Davis.


Note that De Havilland did her best work after leaving Warner's and Lupino when on to directing. Funny I was watching the film about the making of Gone With The Wind and all those screen test for Scarlet. What if 'XYZ' had done Scarlet? We can only dream but what we do know is that the final choice was a soild one.

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I love VM. I agree with you on White Heat and Flaxy Martin; i really enjoyed Mayo in those. My other Mayo favorites are Smart Girls Don't Talk and Congo Crossing. I saw VM on the Vicki Lawrence talk show in April, 1993. She looked really good at age 72 and spoke very candidly about her film co-stars. She came across as very nice, down-to-earth, and very witty. Mayo said that she thought the studio system days were wonderful.

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