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Harold Lloyd DVDs

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An official, Trust-sanctioned, DVD deal has been signed with New Line Entertainment, in which official versions of Harold Lloyd's wonderful silent and sound films will be made available to your home libraries. This is signed, and done - and more information will be announced as I have it - but rest assured that it is progressing, and WILL happen.


In addition, a major theatrical release deal has been signed with Sony, to bring the Lloyd films to "a theatre near you" - meaning that, for all intents and purposes, Harold will be much more visible on the big screen, as he was when he was pioneering the art and science of film comedy.

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Thanks for the info, Zombi6422! That's great news! As great as it will be to get ahold of the dvds, I would love to see anything by Harold Lloyd on the big screen.


The only Harold Lloyd film I've ever seen on a big screen was 'Safety Last,' which was sponsored by my college back in the 80's. Even if the Lloyd films only turn up in small Arthouse theaters, it would still be great to see them in front of an audience. The Chaplin and Keaton films I've seen on the big screen have all fared well with today's audiences, so the Lloyd films should be no exception. Again, this is great news!

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I too am pretty excited about having Harold Lloyd films available to "go" watch on the big screen.


In college, I wrote a paper about "Safety Last" in a film study class. It must have made an impact on the instructor because she actually showed the film the following week after grading my paper. So, the entire class got to watch this absolutely heart-pounding film.


By the way, I aced the paper!

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I have been away for sometime due to computer problems and family health issues. I am overjoyed that a proper contract to release the Lloyd library has finally been signed! The event of Harold Lloyd on DVD is long overdue! In-fact some of the major Lloyd features such as WHY WORRY? (1923) and THE FRESHMAN(1925) have never been released before in their entirety in VHS format let alone DVD. Sadly those features have previously only been marketed in truncated or cut-down versions. I am delighted that a true deal has finally been struck! Although this should have happened several years ago! I wonder how long it will take to get the actual DVD's on the shelves though?


Take heart, although it is the presumption, we have not been promised that the prints and scores will be exactly the same as the TCM editions? In any case, some copy-right restrictions may apply? Robert Israel and Carl Davis own the rights to the scores for many of the features and shorts for example, not the Trust. Undoubtedly, royalties would have to be appropriately distributed. Although it defeats the purpose of the Trust restorations if these are not the versions the new line cinema and Sony pictures releases! Lloyd was the number one comedy film maker/star in the World throughout the decade of the 1920's! Bigger than Chaplin, Bigger than Keaton, bigger than anyone! One reason Lloyd was so big is he represented the common-man and the middle class so dead center! He was much easier to relate to.


Harold Lloyd's films were often talked about, but for a very long time were not being widely seen. The TCM broadcasting deal undoubtedly got Harold noticed after decades of disturbing neglect! I have it on good authority that the Trust turned down several offers from other major DVD distributors, (including surprisingly enough "Warner Home Video!) For many of the devotees of Chaplin and Keaton today, Harold Lloyd remains "The great undiscovered gem in the Triple crown of Silent comedy"! Finally it is time for the forgotten master of the art to take his rightful place among the three! In-fact many might be surprised to learn to just what heights he may eventually ascend!


The Trust is "mum's the word" about other arrangement?s it?s recently struck? Rumor's of an HL bio-pick and a fresh series of documentaries discussing Harold's influence on film-makers up to the present day are starting to circulate! I hope these are true, but personally I'm still waiting for that "A&E Biography special" hopefully at least twice the length of the regular show!


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What?!? I had no idea! Are they the titles that TCM ran? It's been a long time for Lloyd to be decently represented on home video and what with the Thin Man, Garbo, Film Noir 2 and Lewton collections coming, plus the Wayne films, and now Lloyd? ...good gracious...

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For those who care, like me, The Harold Lloyd Collection titles have been announced.


Volume One, Disc One has Girl Shy, Safety Last!, An Eastern Westerner, Ask Father, and From Hand to Mouth, with commentary by Leonard Maltin director and Rich Correll on Safety Last.


Volume One, Disc Two has The Milky Way, The Cat's Paw and Why Worry? plus a featurette called Harold's Hollywood: Then and Now.


Volume Two, Disc One has The Kid Brother, The Freshman, Bumping into Broadway and Billy Blazes, Esq, with commentary by Leonard Maltin, Rich Correll and film historian Richard Bann on The Freshman. There also a commentary by Suzanne Lloyd, author Annette Lloyd, and Rich Correll on The Kid Brother.


Volume Two, Disc Two has Feet First, Grandma?s Boy, Now or Never, and High and Dizzy plus a Scoring for Comedy featurette.


Volume Three, Disc One has Speedy, Hot Water, Never Weaken and Haunted Spooks, with commentary by Suzanne Lloyd, Annette Lloyd and Rich Correll on Speedy and Haunted Spooks.


Volume Three, Disc Two has Movie Crazy, For Heaven?s Sake, I Do, Among Those Present, A Sailor-Made Man, Get Out and Get Under, and Number Please? plus a featurette on Greenacres. A collector's set only bonus disc features tons of other nice featurettes, commentaries and photos.


My only beef is where Welcome Danger? But who's complaining...

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