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Need help remembering name of a movie!!


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I saw a movie on TCm a few months back and now cant remember the name of the movie. I thought it had Doris Day in it but after looking through a list of some of her movies I didnt see it. From what I remember the main male character owned a magazine company which was some sort of bachelors magizine and he was a well known bachelor. He meets the main female character and by the end of the movie he either retires or changes his magizine and she starts her own magizine. I think he is a new yorker and she is a small town girl. If anyone can help me with this movie I would love to see it again!

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> {quote:title=traceyk65 wrote:}{quote}

> Or Search for Beauty 1934 with Ida Lupino and Buster Crabbe? This one actually sounds more like it and I think it was on recently?


The original poster said that he saw the movie on TCM, but "Search for Beauty" has not (yet) been shown on TCM.

Here's a plot summary, anyway:



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