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*I wish TCM would do a SWORD AND SANDAL series on Saturdays afternoon. Followed by a HORROR film like theaters used to do back in the day. Or a double feature of each followed by the other. Two Sword and Sandal films followed by two Horror Films.*


*Hercules/Hercules Unchained*

*Attack Of The Crab Monsters/Not Of THis Earth*


*the next week*

*The Minotaur/Helen Of Troy*

*Flight From Mars/Godzilla*


*The following*

*Revolt Of The Slaves/Last Days Of Pompeii*

*Horror Of Dracula/The Thing That Couldn't DIe*

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I will be posting the 17th TCM Programming Challenge rules on Friday, October 15th, between 9 PM and 12 Midnight. That'll be 12 midnight to 3 am east coast time. I'm really looking forward to the Challenge and, humbly, hope that I will do a good job of hosting. BTW, alanpeight, I would love to see you enter an entire challenge. Please consider it. You had such a great programming idea-wow-would I love to see more of it fleshed out in an entire week's schedule.

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Not sure what you would like me to do to flesh it out

Saturday an Sunday AFTERNOONS-

Would love to see TCM schedule weekly on Saturdays. A few examples-

11PM- Tarzan Films


*1PM-Sword And Sandal* films



Hercules Unchained

Last Days Of Pompeii

The Minoutaur

Revolt Of The Slaves

Duel Of The Titans

The Egyptian

*3PM-Science Fiction/Horror Films*

Brides Of Dracula

Horror Of Dracula

The Thing That Wouldn't Die

Not Of This Earth

Burn Witch Burn

Pit And The Pendulum

House Of Usher

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What I mean by fleshing it out is creating an entire week's schedule. That's what the Programming Challenge entails. I will be posting the rules on Friday evening but take a look at the link to the 16th Challenge in the original post of this thread. I think you'll get a sense of the requirements. I do hope you'll create a full schedule. I'd love to see it.

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Ok see if this works-

Like when we were kids in the sixties the triple features at the drive in's or

on Saturday matinees for kids .............This could become a permanent thing too.........



*Every Saturday/Sunday*


*Saturday December 3-*

1PM-Sword and Sandal


2:30PM-Sci Fi-

Flight To Mars (1951)

4PM Horror-

The Wolfman (1941)


*Sunday December 4-*

1PM Sword and Sandal-

Hercules Unchained (1960)

2:30 PM Sci- FI


4PM Horror

The Thing That Wouldn't Die (1958)


Saturday Dec 17

1PM Sword and Sandal

Last Days Of Pompeii (1960)

2:30 PM Sci Fi

Attack Of The Crab Monsters (1957)

4 PM Horror

The Bride Of Frankenstein (1935)


Sunday Dec 18

1PM Sword And Sandal

The Minotaur (1960)

2:30 PM Sci-Fi

Not Of This Earth (1957)

4PM Horror

Frankenstein (1931)


Saturday Dec 18

1PM Sword And Sandal

Duel Of The Titans (1960)

2:30 PM Sci-Fi


4 PM- Horror

House Of Usher (1957)


Sunday Dec 19

1PM Sword And Sandal

Solomon And Sheba (1959)

3PM Sci--Fi

War Of The Satellites (1958)

4:30 PM Horror

Burn Witch Burn


Dec 24-25 Holiday films


Saturday Dec 31

1 PM Sword And Sandal

Land Of The Pharaohs (1955)

3 PM Sci-Fi

Mysterious Island (1961)

5 PM Horror

I Was A Teenage Werewolf (1957)


Sunday January 1

1 PM Sword And Sandal

Revolt Of The Slaves

2:30 PM Sci Fi

Black Zoo (1963)

4:30 PM Horror

Horror Of Dracula


Edited by: alanpeight on Oct 24, 2010 1:01 PM

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