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How you can Help Other Vets with their missing records...


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How you can Help Other Vets with their missing records...


As you know, millions of military record files were burned in the 1973 fire at the National Records Center (NRPC). The veteran's whose files were burned still continue to have many difficulties filing disability claims, verifying medals, proving duty assignments and stations, and establishing proof of their testing qualifications.


You can help these veterans simply by searching through the military documents in your possession for copies of orders, transfers and citations that list the names of others in your unit. Any document that lists the names of other people will greatly help veterans who need a copy of that document that may not exist in their record file due to loss, error, misplacement or the fire.




1. Make a photocopy of every military document in your possession that lists the names of other soldiers, sailors, airmen or Marines. (These documents will also list military serial numbers. Military files at the NRPC are stored by serial number.)


2. Prepare a cover letter (or use the cover letter provided; see below) telling the NRPC that you would like a copy of your document(s) to be placed in the record files of each person listed on your document(s). (If you can afford to make photocopies for each name listed on a document, please do so that the NRPC does not have to re-copy your document(s) for each file.)


3. Mail your envelope to the NRPC.







ST. LOUIS MO 63132-5100


Do not send a document THAT DOES NOT list the names and serial numbers of other people unless you want that document placed into your own military file if you have pre-determined that it is missing from your file.


Pre-written Cover Letter: http://www.americanwarlibrary.com/img/helpvet.pdf


If you have questions please email The War Library or contact a Veteran Service Officer (VSO) at your local VA facility.


This appeal can also be read online at:



Special Thanks to Corporal Philip G. LeDonne for conceiving this appeal.

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For the first time, I saw a set of personal records of a veteran that was burned around the edges. They are trying to recreate some of these files.


The other option is to research the soldier's unit. IF you can find the unit he served with in combat, via news clippings, V-mail or family history, then you can research the files of that unit. The unit files are stored at NARA library at College Park, MD. But be sure you have the smallest unit of his organization.

The files contain General Orders that issued awards and medals and citations such as driving certificates and also the Purple Heart. However, the higher the award, the higher up the command you have to search.



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