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Kid Glove Killer (1942)


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This film should definitely be in a Van Heflin box-set. *Johnny Eager* as a great supporting character. *The Prowler* as one of the most provocative leads we've discussed in a while. *Act Of Violence* against Robert Ryan and Heflin's own POW past. Lotsa others, too, but I'd love to see the unDVD'd stuff ( *Green Dolphin Street* , for example).


Has anyone thought of a prior-to-1942 film that had a focus on the crime lab? "Dust for fingerprints" doesn't count, either.


I was thinking about Fritz Lang's 1936 *Fury* with Spencer Tracy. A crime-lab might have sifted thru the rubble then, but ruined a really great story. And two decades later, poor Henry Fonda might be the wrong man in 1956, but apparently CSI Richard Denning was too busy with 1955's *The Creature With The Atom Brain* to help out. I tell ya, if Henry had only had that radioactive control device stuck in his skull that year before, ol' Hitch coulda never let him get confused with other folks.

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