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From Broadway to Hollywood

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She's not the woman I had in mind--but she'll do in a pinch--


My only quarrel about using her is that she's not in the Top 10 Movie Stars of the Golden Age--


These 2 were--otherwise Arthur would fit the criteria.


Can you name the man?

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We're still looking for 2 GBS mega types(Great Big Star)

Male & Female

Big studio contracts

Started on Broadway

Went back after attaining the greatest stardom--but Quit the play before the playwright/management wanted them to leave.

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Let's move along with a new question--


These British actors came to Broadway and had a hit play:


Leslie Banks, Nigel Bruce and Frieda Inescort.


Can you name the play and their one American co-star.


Of course, all three also became prominent in film.


For brownie points, what was Leslie Banks' greatest cinematic achievement?


Edited by: cujas on Jan 27, 2011 5:23 PM

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I'll save the last one for another time. But if you want to take a quickie guess, go ahead.


Otherwise, I'm looking for a play starring Leslie Banks and Dr. Watson on Broadway. And Mr. Banks' claim to cinema immortality.

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Thanks. Rodgers and Hart had a successful Broadway show in the thirties whose screen rights were purchased by a major studio. When the movie came out, the story had been changed and most of the original songs had been cut, including two that had been prominent in the stage production, although one of them was heard a little in some background music. Those two songs became standards over time and, years later, another Rodgers and Hart Broadway show was adapted for the screen and this time the two aforementioned songs were added. They became big hits for the male star of the movie. Can you name the two songs and the two movies?

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I think the original stage play was "Babes in Arms". The songs "My Funny Valentine" and "The Lady Is A Tramp, a spoof of New York's high society, were cut from the movie, although you can hear the second song in the background. The songs were later used in "Pal Joey", where they became standards for Frank Sinatra....

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Mudskipper got it 100 per cent. Just for the record, "There's A Small Hotel" was from "On Your Toes' and "I Didn't Know What Time It Was" was from "Too Many Girls". Other noteworthy songs from "Babes In Arms" include "Johnny One Note" and "I Wish I Were In Love Again". MGM did use "Where Or When" and the title tune in the 1939 movie. Muddy, it's your turn.

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This popular German operetta, based on a play by George Bernard Shaw, was a hit on Broadway in 1909. It has been revived several times and had a silent movie version in 1915. In 1940, MGM wanted to make a movie, but they couldn't get the rights to the play from George Bernard Shaw, although they got the rights to the music from the German composer. As a result, they released a film with a similar title as the operetta, but with a plot based on a play by Ferenc Molnar (the same French writer who provided the plots for "Carousel" and "The Swan").... This same plot was used before in a film from 1931 which starred a very well-known husband and wife acting team and this was the only movie they appeared in, although they played the same parts on Broadway...In 1955, Vivian Vance sang the most famous song/aria from the German operetta on an episode of "I Love Lucy"...




1) What was the title of the German operetta (Same title as the 1941 musical) ? Who was the German composer ?


2) Which George Bernard Shaw play was it adapted from?


3) Who were the two star singers in the 1941 movie ?


4) What was the title of the 1931 movie with the famous husband-wife acting team ?


5) Who were the husband and wife ?


6) What was the title of the song Vivian Vance sung in 1955 ?


I guess this question runs the gamut from Broadway to movies to TV...Any takers ?

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