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From Broadway to Hollywood

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This musical star went on from "Button up Your Overcoat" on Broadway to

"?"( legendary songs and musicals) in Hollywood during the 30's and 40's.


Can you name this Movie Star and the famous films/songs associated with her/him?

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The one who sang "Button Up Your Overcoat", was it Ruth Etting? She was a dancer in the Ziegfeld Follies and acted with Eddie Cantor. She sang "Ten Cents A Dance"and also "Love Me Or Leave Me"

which was the title of her movie biography starring Doris Day....

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Eleanor Powell performed "Button Up Your Overcoat" on Broadway in "Follow Thru" in 1929.

Ellie is famous for The Broadway Melody Movies of 1936, 1938 & 1940. In these films, she introduced the Freed-Brown classics:"You Are My Lucky Star" and "Broadway Rhythm"-- Gotta, Dance, Gotta Dance-- also she re-introduced "The Broadway Melody".


Gene Kelly performed all the Freed-Brown classics in The Broadway Melody of 1952 which they called "Singin' In the Rain".


Ellie also introduced Cole Porter's "Rosalie" (sung by Nelson Eddy) in Rosalie and "Swing' the Jinx Away" and "Rap-Tap On Wood" in "Born to Dance".


I don't know anything about Ruth Etting. Do you have the show and date for her?


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This actor had his breakthrough in Broadway playing a role in a John Steinbeck play. Later, when the play was made into a movie, he was replaced by another actor more famous for playing a lycantrope.

The first actor, however, won a Best Actor Oscar with his role in a movie adaptation of a Pulitzer Prize winning novel.

...He was also in another well-known movie which won its leading lady a Best Actress Oscar. In this film, he replaced the actor who played the original role on Broadway...




1) Who was the actor ? What John Steinbeck play was he in ? Who replaced him in the movie version ?


2) What was the title of the movie for which our actor won an Oscar?


3) What was the title of the third movie ? Who won the Best Actress Oscar for this movie? Who played the original role on Broadway that our actor replaced ?



Good Luck, Everybody....Get out your reference book, Flash...

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