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Destination Tokyo and Operation Petticoat

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My posting yesterday about the death of Tony Curtis must have offended someone who complained to the TCM board moderator who deleted my post. I thought it was okay to post a note about Mr. Curtis' death since many of his films are shown on TCM and he was motivated to join the Navy and become a submarine sailor during WW2 after watching one of his idols, Cary Grant, star in "Destination Tokyo". Mr. Curtis later performed in a submarine movie with Cary Grant, "Operation Petticoat".


Many of the movies aired on TCM were performed by military veterans before, during and after WWII. Their real-life experiences helped them to come across as believable characters in their movies. Whomever I offended for my post about Mr. Curtis' death I won't apologize to because the sign hanging over the door of this Forum reads: "War Movies". Mr. Curtis was both a war veteran and an actor in highly successful war movies. To me, at least, that seems relevant to our discussion parameters in this Forum.


-- Phill


Edited by: PhillColeman on Oct 6, 2010 7:31 PM

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I just had a similar experience with a post I made on Carole Lombard. I resurrected an old thread instead of starting a new one, the moderator then locked it out. I guess you should word the heading differently when starting a new topic, or going to a different forum. I think they overreact on some of these matters, there is certainly no ill motive in what you or I did. About the sub movies, I always find it amusing how roomy those sub interiors are. Not exactly how the real ones are, eh?

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MrR, I have no idea why the forum gives us a SEARCH option and then doesn't allow Old Threads - when found by its provided-search tools - are then locked. Very strange.


Two strong films, and I have always enjoyed Tony Curtis' TCM quips about watching DEST TOKYO and then wanting to do a war film with Cary Grant, and kind of tripping out when he was finally doing it.

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