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Wow, filmlover, that is amazing! What a schedule! Danny Kaye = awesome SOTM. Wish I could come up with clever titles like you do (i.e. "To Baldly go" is hilarious for Yul). I've seen that Michael Caine on Acting and it's fantastic--a great choice for TCM, esp. for his birthday. THe Rocky Horror theme is so fun! That is a perfect Underground film. Why have I never thought of it? And great minds think alike---I was going to do a Runyon theme for my next schedule. And your festival choices are mouth-wattering. Great job!

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Hi, filmlover! Lots of good stuff on your schedule. The Michael Caine tribute is my favorite, with many good films, and I loved "To baldly go" and "John Wayne loves boy singers." Like Sansfin, I love the combination of Diabolique and How to Murder Your Wife.

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Only one week left to the end of the Challenge. It officially ends at Midnight PST on next Sunday, November 21st. We've seen some great schedules posted thus far. For anyone who wants to enter: we welcome you but you need to work quickly because you only have one week left.

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*C. Bogle* --Glad to see Brighton Rock on your challenge! THE Brit noir...

Aunt Bee, just call the man,uhhh.. the agent...loved it!


*Lonesome* ---Thanks for adding one of my favorites to your premiere--Babette's Feast!

I also love "What a Way to Go!"


*SansFIn* --Love your "Day" day and Premiere of The Virgin Queen followed by Young

Bess, and Elizabeth and Essex


*Capuchin* --enjoyed your Zenda and 'Patra days...


*Filmlover* --Ha! A RUNYON FOR HIS MONEY! Cute... and good selection for the film festival


*Kingrat* --I enjoyed 'When actors direct' and 'When directors act'. Plus I think Kingrat with all the actors you've listed would make a post-film discussion group led by Robert Osborne.


Thank all you talented challengers for the hours and ideas!

And led by our favorite fashionista, Countess De Lave...... :)

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SueSue, thanks for the kind words and the thumbs up for the KING RAT panel discussion. There aren't too many films from 45 years ago that have the three top stars and the director still alive. Let's put the panel together while we still can.

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I think I just finished my schedule (I'm going to have to triple-check to make certain I've timed everything out properly), but haven't written up the notes yet. Expect an entry tomorrow.

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Thank you too, SueSue. I've always enjoyed that old freezer + Aunt Bee's penny

pinching ways episode, especially Andy's increasing exasperation every time

he says Call the man, just CALL the man. Great fun, and in the end it all turned out


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A salute to TCM Bizarro World


Sunday, April 24, 2011


THE FOUND WEEKEND (1945, dir. Billy Wilder)


0600 *Week-End Marriage* (1932, WB, 65 min)

0715 *Fun on a Week-End* (1947, UA, 93 min, p/s)

0900 *Saturday Night and Sunday Morning* (1960, Woodfall, 89 min, p/s)

1030 *Weekend at the Waldorf* (1945, MGM, 130 min)




1245 *China Seas* (1935, MGM, 87 min)

1415 *Ambush Bay* (1966, UA, 109 min) PREMIERE #1

1615 *The Bridges at Toko-Ri* (1954, Paramount, 102 min, p/s)

1800 *Breakfast at Tiffany's* (1961, 115 min, p/s)


WHITE COLD (1945, star James Cagney)


2000 *Scott of the Antarctic* (1949, Ealing, 111 min)

2200 *Ice Station Zebra* (1968, MGM, 148 min)

Short: The Greatest Gift (1942, MGM, 11 min)

0045 *The Holy Mountain* (1926, Berg- und Sportfilm, 106 min)

0245 *The Red Inn* (1951, Memnon, 98 min)

0430 *Petticoat Fever* (1936, MGM, 80 min)


Monday, April 25


A STAR IS NOT BORN (1937, star Fredric March)


0600 *Penny Serenade* (1941, Columbia, 119 min, p/s)

0800 *Detective Story* (1951, Paramount, 103 min, p/s)

0945 *Leave Her to Heaven* (1945, Fox, 110 min, p/s)

1145 *The Black Hole* (1979, Disney, 98 min)


A STAR IS UNBORN (1954, stars Judy Garland)


1330 *Till the Clouds Roll By* (1947, MGM, 132 min)

1545 *Bundle of Joy* (1956, MGM, 98 min)

1730 *Europa '51* (1952, 116 min, p/s)


1930 Now Playing: The Show May, 2011


THE EIGHTH BANANA (1952, stars Bette Davis): Star of the Month Grant Mitchell


2000 *The Great Lie* (1941, WB, 108 min)

2200 *One Foot in Heaven* (1941, WB, 108 min)

0000 *The Man Who Came to Dinner* (1942, WB, 112 min)

0200 *Easy to Wed* (1946, MGM, 106 min)

0400 *Arsenic and Old Lace* (1944, WB, 118 min)


Tuesday, April 26


TOO FEW GIRLS (1940, stars Lucille Ball)


0600 *Eleven Men and a Girl* (1930, WB, 72 min)

0715 *One Hundred Men and a Girl* (1937, Universal, 84 p/s)

0845 *Ten Tall Men* (1951, Columbia, 97 min, p/s)

1030 *Lawrence of Arabia* (1962, Horizon, 227 min, p/s)


WHERE THE BOYS AREN'T (1960, stars Paula Prentiss)


1430 *The Women* (1939, MGM, 133 min)

1645 *Thirteen Frightened Girls* (1963, Columbia, 88 min)

1815 *Caged* (1950, WB, 96 min)


THE COVERED-UP CITY (1948, stars Barry Fitzgerald)


2000 *Hud* (1963, Paramount, 112 min, p/s)

2200 *Bringing Up Baby* (1938, RKO, 102 min)

0000 *Smiles of a Summer Night* (1955, Svensk Filmindustri, 109 min, p/s)

0200 *The Prize* (1963, MGM, 134 min)

Short: How to Start the Day (1937, MGM, 10 min)

0430 *42nd Street* (1933, WB, 89 min)


Wednesday, April 27


DISINHERIT THE WIND (1960, stars Spencer Tracy)


0600 *Emma* (1932, MGM, 72 min)

0715 *Next Time I Marry* (1938, RKO, 65 min)

0830 *Pinky* (1949, Fox, 102 min, p/s)

1015 *Kind Hearts and Coronets* (1949, Ealing, 106 min, p/s)

1215 *The Heiress* (1949, Paramount, 115 min p/s)


TRIUMPH OF THE WON'T, OR CANT (1936, dir. Leni Riefenstahl)


1415 *They Won't Believe Me* (1947, 95 min, p/s)

Short: I Won't Play (1944, 18 min, p/s)


1615 *You Can't Take It With You* (1938, Columbia, 126 min, p/s)

1830 *You Can't Get Away With Murder* (1939, WB, 79 min)


STATE UNFAIR (1945, stars Jeanne Crain)


2000 *Trial* (1955, MGM, 109 min)

2200 *Fury* (1936, MGM, 92 min)

2345 *They Won't Forget* (1937, WB, 95 min)

0130 *I Want to Live!* (1958, UA, 120 min, p/s)

0345 *The Strange Love of Martha Ivers* (1946, Paramount, 116 min, p/s)

Short: So You Think You're Not Guilty (1950, MGM, 10 min)


Thursday, April 28


OFF THE BEACH (1959, stars Gregory Peck)


0600 *Jeopardy* (1953, MGM, 69 min)

0715 *The Americanization of Emily* (1964, MGM, 115 min)

0915 *Jaws* (1975, 130 min, p/s)


A FAREWELL TO LEGS (1932, stars Gary Cooper)


1130 *Madame Bovary* (1949, MGM, 115 min)

1330 *Kings Row* (1942, WB, 127 min)

1545 *The Day of the Jackal* (1973, Warwick, 143 min, p/s)

1815 *The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond* (1960, United States Pictures, 101 min, p/s)


SOME DIDN'T COME RUNNING (1958, stars Frank Sinatra)


2000 *Walk, Don't Run* (1966, Columbia, 114 min, p/s)

2200 *The Swimmer* (1968, Horizon, 98 min, p/s)

2345 *3:10 to Yuma* (1957, Columbia, 92 min)

0130 *Wildcat Bus* (1940, RKO, 64 min)

0245 *Five Weeks in a Balloon* (1962, Fox, 101 min) PREMIERE #2

0430 *Flying Down to Rio* (1933, RKO, 89 min)


Friday, April 29


THE DROUGHT CAME (1939, stars Myrna Loy)


0600 *Our Daily Bread* (1934, UA, 74 min, p/s)

0715 *The Wind* (1928, MGM, 79 min)

0845 *The Grapes of Wrath* (1940, Fox, 128 min, p/s)


ROMAN BUSINESS TRIP (1953, stars Audrey Hepburn)


1100 *Two Weeks in Another Town* (1962, 107 min, p/s)

1300 *The Pigeon That Took Rome* (1962, Paramount, 103 min, p/s)

1445 *The Agony and the Ecstasy* (1965, Fox, 138 min)

1715 *The Shoes of the Fisherman* (1968, MGM, 162 min)


THE NOISY MAN (1952, dir. John Ford)


2000 *Cry Havoc* (1943, MGM, 97 min)

2145 *Cry the Beloved Country* (1953, London Film, 103 min, p/s)

2345 *Cry Terror* (1958, MGM, 96 min)

0130 *Old Yeller* (1957, Disney, 83 min)

0300 *The Shout* (1978, RPC, 86 min)

0430 *The Tingler* (1959, William Castl, 82 min)


Saturday, April 30


YOUNG MAN WITHOUT A HORN (1950, stars Kirk Douglas)


0600 *It Happened One Night* (1934, Columbia, 105 min)

0745 *Wild Boys of the Road* (1933, WB, 68 min)

0900 *From Here to Eternity* (1953, Columbia, 118 min)


49TH PERPENDICULAR (1941, dir. Michael Powell)


1100 *Crossroads* (1942, MGM, 83 min)

1230 *Transatlantic Tunnel* (1935, Gaumont, 94 min, p/s)

1415 *The Mystery of Mr. X* (1934, MGM, 84 min)

1545 *Bridge on the River Kwai* (1957, Columbia, 161 min, p/s)

1830 *Side Street* (1950, MGM, 83 min)




2000 *The Lady Vanishes* (1938, Gaumont, 96 min p/s) (Margaret Lockwood)

2145 *The Wizard of Oz* (1939, WB, 101 min) (Margaret Hamilton)

2330 *A Night at the Opera* (1935, MGM, 91 min) Margaret Dumont

0115 *The Runaway Bus* (1954, Val Guest, 74 min, p/s) (Margaret Rutherford)

0230 *Broadminded* (1931, WB, 71 min) (Margaret Livingston)

0345 *The Unsinkable Molly Brown* (1964, MGM, 128 min)


TCM Film Festival selections:


*Hush, Hush... Sweet Charlotte*

*Cool Hand Luke*


(presented by George Kennedy, assuming he's in good enough health)

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As you know, TCM has sister channels in Canada, Latin America, and Europe. My subversive theme for this challenge is the schedule on the equivalent TCM Channel over in Bizarro World, where up is down, black is white, east is west, and sometimes the twain does meet. As such, this makes most of the themes fairly easy to get.


"Out West With the Hardys" was one of the Hardy Family films, so on Bizarro world, they air a movie in which Lewis Stone (Judge Hardy) is on a slow boat to (or is it from?) China, followed by two movies with Mickey Rooney (Andy Hardy) at war in Asia, and one with him in yellowface. Unfortunately, I couldn't think of enough movies to do "Hate Finds Andy Hardy".


"White Cold" has movies set against a snowy backdrop. *Scott of the Antarctic* gave Bizarro World Jimmy Cagney's classic line, "Made it, Ma! Bottom of the world!" There's also the Silent Sunday Night feature, a Leni Riefenstahl film set in the Alps, and the TCM Import, a French film set in an alpine inn.


On Monday morning, we get a miscarriage, an abortion doctor, a woman who does God-knows-what to her unborn baby when she throws herself down a flight of stairs, and a star that collapses in upon itself.


That's followed by three movies with actresses just around the time they became pregnant with children who would become stars in their own right: Judy Garland/Liza Minnelli; Debbie Reynolds/Carrie Fisher; and Ingrid Bergman/Isabella Rossellini. (I'm not quite sure if Garland and Bergman got pregnant during production.)


This leads up to Not Star of the Month, Grant Mitchell, the veteran character actor who appeared in every single movie made in Bizarro World between 1930 and 1950. (As an example, you saw him earlier in the day in *Leave Her to Heaven*, if you knew when to look.) Blink and you'll miss him.


Tuesday morning and afternoon should be fairly obvious. Tuesday night is the fashion theme. My first thought was the Bette Davis classic *Cabin in the Polyester*, but I couldn't find enough movies about synthetic fabrics. Then I realized that, as this is Bizarro World, it would be better to do movies about the "fashion" of covering up nudity. Cary Grant loses his clothes while showering and has to wear a women's robe; Patricia Neal accuses Brandon de Wilde of sleeping "raw"; one actor has to wear another man's clothes when he falls into a mud puddle; and Paul Newman gets caught in a meeting of Swedish nudists. Also, Ruby Keeler catches Dick Powell in his undies in *42nd Street*.


On Wednesday morning, we get movies in which characters stand to lose inheritances if they dont accede to other people's wishes. And since we deal with wills, it's only natural to follow it up with won'ts, as evinced in Leni Riefenstahl's classic propaganda piece.


On Wednesday night, Jeanne Crain and Dana Andrews learn the disturbing truth about prosecutorial misconduct when they go to the State Unfair.


Thursday morning sees a man trapped under a pier; a man trapped on the beach at Normandy on D-Day, and a shark forcing everybody "off the beach". Thursday afternoon sees two movies with characters getting legs amputated; one with a character faking amputation to stay one step ahead of the police; and mobster Legs Diamond getting bumped off. On Thursday night we have every form of transportation except for running, including Planes, Trains, and Automobiles, albeit not in one movie.


The rains don't come on Friday morning, while on Friday afternoon, people go to Rome, but not for a holiday. Friday night sees several loud people, including the two Underground films, *The Shout*, followed by William Castle's *The Tingler*, about people who have to scream to let their fear out.


On Saturday morning, we have three people who lack a horn in one form or another: Clark Gable needs a horn because the Walls of Jerico are crumbling; Frankie Darro has to sell of his car (thus losing his klaxon); and Montgomery Clift switches army companies when he loses first vuvuzela.


Various things cross each other on Saturday afternoon.


Finally, on Saturday night, we have a bunch of journies against actresses named Margaret. In this week's Essential, *The Lady Vanishes*, Margaret Lockwood wakes up to find that Dame May Whitty has gone missing. Judy Garland and friends ease on down the road against the desire of Margaret Hamilton; the Marx Brothers make life difficult for Margaret Dumont; and Margaret Rutherford gets stuck on a bus that's lost in the British fog. In *Broadminded*, Margaret Livingston loses her fianc? William Collier, when Joe E. Brown takes him on a journey to the west coast. As for *The Unsinkable Molly Brown*, Molly's real first name was Margaret. I'd really rather have used *The VIPs* for Margaret Rutherford, but couldn't get things to time out properly.


This brings us to the selections for the TCM Movie Festival. On Bizarro World, movie goers found Margaret O'Brien's movies incredibly treacly, and took a much more negative view of her than they did here on Earth. Let's just say that when Bette Davis wanted to get Joan Crawford off of *Hush, Hush... Sweet Charlotte*, she didn't bring a Coca-Cola vending machine to the set; she brought Margaret O'Brien. As such, I figured *Hush, Hush... Sweet Charlotte* would be a good selection for the festival, followed by another movie with George Kennedy in the cast, *Cool Hand Luke*. IMDb says he's still alive, but as with all people that age, I have no idea of the state of his health. (I presume over on Bizarro World he's in fine health.

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How does one make a compliment in Bizarro World? Is it like telling an actor to "break a leg" for good luck? Do you use teen-lingo where "bad" means "good"? Can it be made as "thumbs up" because that first meant gladiator was to slit opponent's throat? However you do it I wish to give your schedule a great compliment.


Please use BabelFish-like program to translate the following from English to Bizarro:


I love it! I think it is always good to recognize character actors and Grant Mitchell does seem to have been in every movie ever made. Perhaps what is most important is that you have used crazy themes to have reason to show many great movies.


I have a problem with your selection of: Now Playing: The Show May, 2011. In Bizarro World would that become "Then Playing" and be a show about all movies showing in months other than May? Or does it become "Now Sitting in the Vault" as a show about all movies not being shown? Or do you translate both words and have "Then Not Playing" which is the show about all movies not being shown in other months which brings it back to what is being shown in May?

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> Can it be made as "thumbs up" because that first meant gladiator was to slit opponent's throat?


Try a different finger.


> I have a problem with your selection of: Now Playing: The Show May, 2011. In Bizarro World would that become "Then Playing" and be a show about all movies showing in months other than May?


Ah, but they're not playing now, are they?

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Fedya, no one but you could have come up with Kings Row and "A Farewell to Legs." As always, your schedule is a delight. Since you hadn't been posting, I was afraid you might not post a schedule this time. So glad you did. There are so many possibilities for next time:


Hate Is a Many-Splendored Thing

The Angel at Four O'Clock

It's a Terrible Life

Always Give a Sucker an Even Break

The Bachelor Kind

The Tame Bunch

Gloom in the Evening

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Finally got a chance to examine them all...


*Capuchin*, loved the use of remakes. Seeing all three Prisoner of Zendas in a row would be a treat.


*Sansfin*, such creativity. A Day of Days followed by a Night of Knights. As Rathbone's henchman in The Court Jester said, "The man is pure genius." And the Vole presentation...my head's spinning.


*LonesomePolecat*, Amazing themes: anniversaries, The Original Broadway Cast (...Mostly), and more. And Dean Martin would be a great SOTM.


*C.Bogle*, wonderful stuff. English Bookworm Cinema would be a great regular feature.


*Fedya*, always unique. LOL, especially got a kick out of Journey Against Margaret!


*Kingrat*, love the Britain in Black and White. A definite watch.


Wonderful job, all!


Edited by: filmlover on Nov 21, 2010 7:24 PM because I missed Kingrat's schedule!

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*This Challenge thread is officially closed*. I will be posting the Voting Tread, as a new thread, in a few hours. That thread will include the rules of this Challenge plus all posted schedules and programming notes. Anyone who was registered by September 15, 2010 may vote.


I want to thank all seven participants: *Kingrat, Sansfin, Capuchin, Lonesome Polecat, Filmlover,*

*C. Bogle*, and *Fedya* for their fantastic work on this Challenge. A big round of applause from me for their creativity in regards to the special requirements of Fashion and the Film Festival programming.


Edited by: countessdelave on Nov 22, 2010 6:18 AM

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