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Sad to report there no evidence of nine hour version of Greed that consider Holy Grail of lost movies from Silent movie era we keep hoping somebody have print hoping


As times goes by sad to report no longer to exist


I hear that last Nine hour print of Greed was lost in infamous 1960 MGM valut fire back in da day including Greta Garbo Divine Woman and infamous Lon Chaney Sr London at Midnight

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I doubt that the long cut of Greed still survived until the 60s. It was shown at one private screening in the 20s, then I'm sure it was cut down to the shorter version. It's doubtful they would have printed up a copy of the longer cut. It was never going to be released.

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On 11/12/2010 at 10:53 AM, HarryLong said:

I've read I-don't-know-how-many interviews with actors who worked with vonS & claimed he either showd them the full 8-hour cut or offered to.

I wonder what ever happened to that print?

It was destroyed after the studio edited it down.


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As I recall, von Stroheim’s vision was to film the book McTeague page by page. Harry Carr, writing for a film magazine in 1924, viewed the original version of the film. “It was a magnificent piece of work, but it was forty-five reels long. We went into the projecting room at 10:30 in the morning; we staggered out at 8:00 that night. … Episodes come along that you think have no bearing on the story, then twelve or fourteen reels later, it hits you with a crash. For stark, terrible realism and marvelous artistry, it is the greatest picture I have ever seen.”

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