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Another Buster Keaton day, December 7th! :)


Courtesy of Buster Keaton group:


On Dec. 7, a day which will live in inf... oh, well, you know the rest ... Turner Classic Movies will be airing a full evening of Buster Keaton, including the restored version of The Cameraman and Kevin Brownlow's new 36-minute documentary about Keaton: "So Funny It Hurts"



Dec. 7 - Pacific Time

5:00 PM Buster Keaton: So Funny It Hurts! (2004) .

5:45 PM The Cameraman (1928) In this silent film, a photographer takes up newsreel shooting to impress a movie queen. Buster Keaton, Marceline Day, Harry Gribbon. D: Edward Sedgwick. BW 76m.

7:00 PM Spite Marriage (1929) An actress marries a tailor's assistant to get back at a faithless suitor. Buster Keaton, Dorothy Sebastian, Edward Earle. D: Edward Sedgwick. BW 76m.

8:30 PM Buster Keaton: So Funny It Hurts! (2004)

9:15 PM Free And Easy (1930) A bumbling manager turns a beauty queen into a Hollywood star. Buster Keaton, Anita Page, Robert Montgomery. D: Edward Sedgwick. BW 93m. CC

11:00 PM Parlor, Bedroom And Bath (1931) A henpecked husband gets in hot water when he becomes a landlord. Buster Keaton, Charlotte Greenwood, Reginald Denny. D: Edward Sedgwick. BW 73m.

12:15 AM The Passionate Plumber (1932) A woman hires a plumber to make her lover jealous. Buster Keaton, Jimmy Durante, Irene Purcell. D: Edward Sedgwick. BW 74m.

1:30 AM What! No Beer? (1933) When Prohibition ends, a barber tries to get in the liquor business only to come up against mobsters. Buster Keaton, Jimmy Durante, Rosco Ates. D: Edward Sedgwick. BW 65m.

2:45 AM The Balloonatic (1923) A zany couple endures outdoor hardships trying to prove their survival skills to each other. Buster Keaton, Phyllis Haver, Babe London. D: Edward F. Cline, Buster Keaton. BW 27m.



Now that's more like it, TCM ;). Silent stars, rock. Keep it up folks. And THANK YOU.





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Hurray for TCM - more Keaton! I'm interested in seeing what the documentary contains. And I'm hoping that the version of "The General" is scored by The Alloy Orchestra. I already have "The General" scored by Robert Israel which is great (I find all of his scoring great) but I was privileged last year to see "The General" on the big screen at a theatre in my area with the Alloy Orchestra live in the theatre and it was a remarkable one-of-a-kind experience. They use all kinds of things for instruments (washtubs, pans, etc.) and the effect is truly neat!

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The Alloy Orchestra are pretty awesome, aren't they? I started a thread last month concerning them. I have seen them a few times now (METROPOLIS, THE LOST WORLD, Alfred Hitchcock's BLACKMAIL, and NOSFERATU-Twice!). I would love to see them perform the score for 'The General!' They performed it here a couple of years ago, but I was out of town at the time. They really do add another dimension to the Silent Film experience.........

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I own two copies of The General on DVD, with two different scores. One was this college orchestra that performed. The score wasn't bad, but some parts definitely didn't fit certain scenes. LOL On some parts, it sounded more like they should've been playing a high school graduation. The score on the other DVD was good. It was almost like early 20th century swing band or something. The style of the music captured the essence that the setting for the movie was in the South.



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I checked Alloy's touring schedule and from now to the end of the year they will be in Boston, NY, NH and in ITALY (they're showing the General there - how cool).


Also, "The General" is available on DVD with Alloy's score (along with "Steamboat Bill, Jr.") (I gotta get a DVD player!)


I do have "Arbuckle & Keaton, Volumes I and II" on VHS scored by Alloy - which contains Keaton's first screen appearance in 1917 with "The Butcher Boy" - I believe they are available on DVD also and I highly recommend them.

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Don't count on the ALLOY score for either film. TCM has never aired those versions before. As I have said in the past, I have the very rare Thames Carl Davis Orchestra scored version's of both THE GENERAL and OUR HOSPITALITY on DVD-R.Both films are laserdisc transfers from official releases. To date the Thames edition is the finest quality print I have ever seen of "THE GENERAL". I like the Robert Israel score very much, but overall I give a slight edge to the older Carl Davis effort. If TCM own's the domestic broadcast rights to these versions of both films they should be able to air them?


Over in the UK, a brand new version of "THE GENERAL" with a new Orchestra score was just released. It is re-mastered from the recently discovered original camera negative. I have not seen it yet, and I do not know when this version will hit the U.S. market. Chances are it will air on TCM sometime, replacing the 30 plus year old Killiam Shows print they presently air. The same company MK2 that restored "THE GENERAL" has also re-masterd and scored STEAMBOAT BILL JUNIOR and four other Keaton features as well.

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Just go to mk2.com and you will find the link. These are the same guy's who made the recent Chaplin masters released on DVD by Time-Warner here in the states. Those were actually PAL transfers though, they did not originate as NTSC. The Keaton's likely will come out sometime next year in a new Box-set here in the states that will replace the current Kino collection.


Now if I could just get more information on the newly signed Harold Lloyd Trust arrangement with NEW LINE ENTERTAINMENT. Suzanne Lloyd turned down a solid offer from the new Turner Classic Movies label earlier in the year. Ultimately however, since New Line Cinema/Entertainment is a actually a sister company of Time Warner she pretty much signed with the same company anyway. That is if the finished deal has in-fact been officially signed? We had been told that it was, but additional details have subsequently been very hard to come by! I hope it's all true? Even if it has been finalized, it will still be some months before the Lloyd titles hit the market. I would say the earliest we can plan on probably is at a bare minimum of six to nine month's down the road. Just a rough estimate.

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One of the most heartwarming things I ever saw, was an old broadcast of a "This Is Your Life" episode surprising Buster, from the 1950's, that was shown on PBS about ten years ago or more.


The series also showed repeats of episodes spotlighting the lives of Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy, and also Jackie Coogan.


The Buster episode was a classic and reunited him with many old castmates, and even Red Skelton was on hand talking about contributions that Buster made to sight gags on his films.


Too bad some of those episodes could not be shown again, as many of the great stars were surprised and shown in a more natural way than on premieres, et cetera.


Of course, some hated it and it showed. Ralph Edwards could be grating on one's nerves and I think honoree Lowell Thomas was the guest who walked off the show live, and would not cooperate.


I look forward to seeing the new documentary on Buster.

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I know that this started out as a Buster Keaton thread and HKG is probably getting ready to throw darts at me, but this news in so monumental that someone had to make mention it! Many of you may already have heard this, but just in case? The Harold Lloyd Trust and UCLA Film and TV Archive have just restored the silent version of HL's largely unknown feature "WELCOME DANGER"! This is astounding news because apart from a hand-full of historians, this picture has not be seen in this form by anyone other than a couple three preview audiences ever! WELCOME DANGER was eventually released as a talking picture in October of 1929! The silent version has often been reported as a "lost film", and now here it is! It is virtually a brand new title in the Lloyd library! Furthermore here is fresh unseen material, an entire feature from one of the big three masters of silent film comedy never shown before! Noted in the Sony deal, question is will this original silent version of the film be part of the HL New Line Cinema DVD package? If not when can we expect to see it debut on TCM? Does anyone else have additional details? ?TCM programmer? perhaps?

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