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Movie Beginnings We would Change.


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A while back we did movie endings we would change i thought it would be fun to do just the opposite in this new thread get discussion going lets give it a try shall

we?.....lolite blue.

I'll go first I would change the beginning of the movie

"Our Town" the narrator could say good evening to all

and here's our town and not have so many flash backs

and stay in the present tense through out the movie....

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Great topic, sorry I don't have time just now to give this a lot of thought, but since I did just rewatch a portion of one I recommended last week in my alert again, I realized it applies ...


Watch on the Rhine begins rather slowly, and there are a lot of other movies like this too, which may cause one to change the channel or otherwise stop watching it 'cause the first third is so slow to develop. I'm not sure if that's what you're looking for lolite, but I thought contribute this anyway.

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There are more movies told in flashback than I think there should be. Sometimes it works very well (Sunset Blvd, Citizen Kane, Memento) and sometimes it ruins the tension, knowing how the story ends at the beginning. In "Sorry, Wrong Number" the way the plot was cut up and pieced back together took out all the suspense.

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TREASURE OF THE SIERRA MADRE is slow in getting started, but once the boys hook up with the old prospector (Walter Huston) things start to get more interesting. I think Huston could have upped the tempo in the beginning.


Some movies have a hook that draws us right in, but I find many films of the '40s and '50s especially, are a bit slow in getting to the core of the story.

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the beginning of that most classic film, "Billy Jack" and make it start on an Indian reservation in Kansas.


I would have the song "One Tin Soldier" be playing in the background on trumpet, with a person like Montgomery Clift as Pruitt from "From Here to Eternity" wailing the song, and have Native American dancers writhing, to enliven the song and emphasize the lyrics.


I would change the ending too, and make sure that Billy Jack is convicted, sentenced to death and eviserated and placed in an Iron Maiden...to make sure he is dead, and that no sequel can be made.


If a presequel was planned, hopefully it will be written by Jim Thompson and not Tom Laughlin.

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