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What Do They Have in Common?

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And we have a winner!  I'm curious which clue was the most helpful?  I'm surp[rised it took several days to solve it.  I purposely left out John Boles, since I thought that might give it away, since "Stella Dallas" is such a well-known movie.  Anyway, Azure, it's all yours.

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Thanks, Terrence.  To answer your question, it was helpful to know that the connection involved another person.  It was also helpful to know that the connection had to do with a film role.  It can be difficult to pin down what the common thread is when you can go in so many different directions.  When you mentioned that it had to do with a particular film role, I initially thought that the answer was something entirely different.  I decided to wait for another clue so I could be sure.  It's a good thing that I did wait, because my answer was way off.  Knowing that another person was involved helped me to refine my search.  Please know that answers that seem easy to you may not seem easy to everyone else. 



I'm going to leave this thread open.

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This may not be the answer you're looking for, but I'll throw this out there anyway.  Is it that they were all friends of Joan Crawford who publicly denounced the Mommie Dearest book?  Each of them claimed that they had never seen any of the abuse that was written about in the book.

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Excellent Azure, YES that's exactly the correct answer. I thought the Ann Blyth and Douglas Fairbanks Jr clue would have given it away. Katharine Hepburn, Myrna Loy, Marlene Dietrich, Van Johnson, Ann Blyth and Douglas Fairbanks Jr. all defended Joan and denounced Christina's Mommie Dearest book. Good thinking, your thread ;)

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Yachts? these are the ones I recognize without research. Someone else will have to get WN Ragland and Mary Ann


Santana- Bogie ( the giveaway one, since he used it in Key Largo) he owned The Santana

Zaca- Errol Flynn

Martha- Cagney  (gotta be because of the Vineyard?)


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Sorry, I lost track of this thread amidst all of the list threads that seem to keep multiplying.  Lavender, you are correct with your answers.  These are all sailing boats, (call them yachts, schooners, or sailboats) that were owned by celebrities.  


The Santana was Humphrey Bogart's boat that he bought from Dick Powell.  It was also the name of the motor launch used in "Key Largo" where he had the climatic shootout with Edward G. Robinson.


The Zaca was Errol Flynn's boat.  He made a short film called "Cruise Of The Zaca" which also included his wife at the time, Nora Eddington, and his father, Professor Thompson Flynn.  You can find the film on YouTube.


The Martha was James Cagney's first schooner.  He sailed it around Martha's Vineyard when he vacationed there.  It was old when he bought it.  He later bought another sail boat, The Mary Ann.


The Wanderer was owned by Sterling Hayden, who was quite an accomplished sailor.  He sailed it from California to Tahiti and back.


W.N.Ragland was the yacht owned by musician Neil Young.   It also was very old when he bought it and had it refurbished.  He named it after his grandfather.  After sailing it for some thirty-five years, he put it up for sale in 2011.


Again, sorry for the delay.  Lavender got three of them and that's fine.  She gets the thread.  


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