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Theatrical. Late 1009s. Lead actor (investigative reporter) a second-generation musician and actor with a background mostly in support positions.


The competitive reporters on this case are not attractive or sympathetic characters. Cutthroat get-the-scoop muckrakers, not limited by ethics.

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Tabloid magazine. Editor's office. A newly-hired reporter recites what she's learned from her new boss about what he prefers in story subjects. Apparently he reeled it off alphabetically.


Alien abductions, Amusing animal stories. Attacks on the handicapped.

"..and when you can throw in a little kinky sex..."


Battered wives. Bizarre bodily functions. Breast surgery horror stories.


Celebrities; addicted, perverted, diseased, dying, dead.


Demonic possession...


At this point another person entered and some plot-advancing dialogue started. The new reporter excused herself, to resume the meeting later. Presumably, they got around to Vampires before the briefing was finished.

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Correct re *Night Flier*, Sixes.


This post was a nostalgia trip; for me, I did not know it until I started watching the movie when it came to HBO, but I was acquainted years ago with a cast member. I watched, attracted by the King brand name, but then the fourth listed actor in the opening scenes was Michael H. Moss.

He was one of the four or five people I knew and worked with who actually made a living in The Biz. When I knew Mike he was busy often with several theater groups in the nearby metropolitan area. I worked under his direction twice. I was in the cast when he directed Of Mice And Men, and I worked backstage in "set dressing" when he directed a production of Sleuth, Occasionally in those days he showed up in an episode of the Heat Of The Night TV series, which was filmed nearby.... As the *Night Flier* story unfolded, I kept watching for Mike to show up as a competitive reporter or a frustrated cop, etc. It slowly dawned on me what was about to happen. Sure enough, it was Mike as the villain himself -- "Renfield". (That name goes all the way back to Bram Stoker and the original telling of the Dracula story. It's been used maybe dozens of times since, when a bloodsucker plot was afoot)...For most of his on-screen time, Mike is under layers of makeup in the "Nosferatu" tradition, but just before the end the mask melts away and one character can see Mike's face for a few seconds.


Viewers saw Mike's face for about the same length of time when he played the young lover of Ty Cobb's mother who killed Ty Cobb's father in *Cobb* (1994). He had a little more face time on film when he was the first FBI agent to get blown away in the prisoner-rescue passage in *Passenger* 57 (1992). He occasionally got bigger roles in TV. Mike's last IMDb entry was in 2000, and none of our mutual acquaintances that I can now contact know what has become of him. This was hardly "Brush With Greatness" Thread material, but I have enjoyed the reminiscence.


mr6666's thread.


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Filmed 1970s. Tribute to 1950s Horror Camp. Mad Scientist on a university faculty. He's decided mankind cannot survive the coming nuclear holocast. He'll fix that. He'll change the human race, so that they will survive.



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He decides that reptiles will have the best chance of surviving in the future. He plans to meld humans with the King cobra.


One feature of this romp. -- Actual snakes were used, handled by the actors. The only fake snake was a giant python, seen after he swallowed a nosy scientist who had gotten too close to figuring out what the professor was planning.

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A student selected as the Professor's aide is unaware of the fact that he's actually there to be the first human to get combined genetically with the cobra species. He has begun a romance with the Prof's daughter, but that is doomed.



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