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cujas, I'm pretty sure I'm correct, to keep the thread moving I'll post a question.


A man and a woman are taken to a mansion by a man they met in their travels.Another man who owns the mansion and the man who has taken them there are enemies. The man who has taken them there, wants to know what has happened to his wife and daughter.

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Thank you, mudskipper



Please name this film


An early talkie, this film is the second film version of the 1920 hit Broadway play. The first film version of the play, 1926, was directed by the same person. Just as in the play and the first film, people explore an old mansion looking for a hidden treasure while a caped killer picks them off one by one. This film is noted by Bob Kane as one of the inspirations for some elements of the Batman character, which he created.

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Must be "The Bat" (1926) and "The Bat Whispers"(1930), both directed by Roland West and adapted from the classic novel, "The Bat" , by Mary Roberts Rhinehart....I read her novel, "The Afterhouse", when I was in high school. It has pretty much the same plot, except the killer has an axe and the story happens on a ship...

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> {quote:title=mr6666 wrote:}{quote}one of my favs I wish "Underground" would show.


> -Elsa Lancaster's character's appearance as BRIDE OF FRANKENSTEIN was based on what famous historical figure??

I was confused by the wording of your question. I knew Lanchester played both roles, but I thought of Shelley as the "historical" figure.

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Thanks, mr.6., nice compliment :)


This actor left movie making for a career as a writer. He was in some of the most famous Horror films. He said he never saw this particular Classic that is well known by most on the planet. He never had any interest in seeing it. He even asked fans not to send him any videos of the film. Actor and this Famous Horror classic film ??

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