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h3. "Moguls And Movie Stars" Miscellany


Clara Bow Photograph and Paramount Pictures "In Studio" Newsletter (1928)



"The largest photograph ever turned out of Hollywood is this portrait of Clara Bow, Paramount Pictures star, which was given to the flaming-haired star from studio officials in Hollywood."





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h3. "Moguls And Movie Stars" Miscellany


_William Randolph Hearst and Marian Davies Home Party Photos_


Copy of HearstPartyPhotos01

William Randolph Hearst and Marian Davies


Copy of HearstPartyPhotos03

Marian Davies and Claudette Colbert


Copy of HearstPartyPhotos04

Douglas Fairbanks and Marian Davies


Copy of HearstPartyPhotos02

(Unknown), Norma Shearer, Marian Davies and Irving Thalberg

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h3. "Moguls And Movie Stars" Miscellany


Two Posters for Universal's "Show Boat" (1929)



"Based on a book by Edna Ferber, which also spawned a successful Broadway show, this is the story of Magnolia Hawkes (Laura LaPlante), daughter of a nineteenth century showboat Captain. When her husband, inveterate gambler Gaylord Ravenal (Joseph Schildkraut) abandons her and her infant daughter, Magnolia is forced to use the talents earned on her father's boat to become a successful stage star. Like The Jazz Singer, this picture was released as a part-silent, part-talking version, retaining the song "Ol' Man River," and jettisoning all the rest of Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein's popular songs."




"The 1929 version of Show Boat was made as a silent film, but the studio panicked when they realized that because of the coming of sound, audiences might be expecting a talking picture version of the novel. So, several scenes were then reshot to include about thirty minutes of dialogue and singing. Because of the success of the stage musical, which was playing on Broadway at the same time that the film was being shot, a two-reel sound prologue, featuring several members of the stage cast singing five songs from the show, was also added, and the movie was released both as a part-talkie and as a silent film without the prologue. This special poster was produced to promote the sound prologue, and features Helen Morgan, who appeared in the stage version, but she doesn't actually appear in the main body of this film."




Poster for Columbia Pictures Short Subject "Old Man Trouble" (1928)


Copy of OldManTrouble1929LRG

"A noted concert singer, actor and composer, Jules Bledsoe, enjoyed an operatic career in Europe and in the United States, where he sang with the Boston Symphony and the Municipal Opera Company of Cleveland. He is probably best known as an original member of the cast of "Show Boat", which premiered at the Ziegfeld Theater in 1927. Bledsoe created the role of Joe and sang the famous song "Ole Man River." In 1929 he repeated the role in the motion picture version of the story. This rare sheet is for a short subject which was a co-production of RCA-Victor and Columbia Pictures."

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You know I love the silent posters and ephemera, but these Showboat posters are about as fascinating as anything you have ever posted. Thanks for the posters and also for the information about each one. I am really going to miss this thread when the documentary is over.

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h3. "Moguls And Movie Stars" Miscellany


_RKO Exhibitor's Book for the Season 1931/1932 sent to Theater Owners Nationwide_





(Title Page)



src="http://farm6.static.flickr.com/5204/5227673037_8bdea56abb_m.jpg" width="240" height="176"


alt="ExhibBook_RKO1931_02" />












Yes, Self-Censored. One can see the original two page spread with ALL of Delores exposed by clicking here -



Because all the original images are large downloads, I have posted smaller than usual images here.

Click Through on Above Images to Access Larger Versions. Select "Actions" and "View All Sizes"


This is probably the most beautiful Exhibitor's Book I have ever seen.


Edited by: hlywdkjk on Dec 2, 2010 7:50 PM


Edited by: hlywdkjk on Dec 2, 2010 8:23 PM

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*"My jaw is on the ground. The images are just staggeringly beautiful. Thank you for posting them, self-censoring and all!"* - lzcutter


Glad you agree and you like these pages. And I even forgot one. I just added the two page painting of the flagbearer. Somehow I overlooked that one.


I would love to own one or two of these Studio Books - but they sell for quite a bit of money, depending on the size, the films featured and the condition of the book. They can go for a few hundred dollars - or a few thousand dollars!


It is also interesting to see what films never made it out of "pre-production" and which had title, cast or crew changes after being announced. Was there ever an RKO film made titled "Exposed"?


Kyle In Hollywood

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