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Looking for name of movie


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Does anyone know the name of a movie possibly mid 30s or later. A rich man gives alot of money to a family, I think the mother was the daughter of a woman who did not marry him when he was young and poor. The rich man ends up sharing a modest apartment with the daughter of the family's boyfriend while he observes how they handle receiving all this money. The mother of the family becomes snobby and they end up spending all the money quickly. At the end the family goes back to living modestly, the girl is able to marry her boyfriend and the rich man goes back to his life.

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Thank you Di. I followed your link and did some further checking. It seems like the same movie, however the one I saw was in black and white and had a definite 30s/40s style. The Rock Hudson one was based on a story by Eleanor Porter who also wrote *Pollyanna*. She was born in 1894. That was fun trivia but I wish I could find the older version. The information said Has Anybody Seen My Gal was based on her book titled "Oh Money, Money". She passed away 1920, so its possible the earlier version was also from this book. I have been trying to find it for a couple of years. Apparently it was never put on video tape or DVD and so there is no information on it. I googled and found someone on Yahoo Answers trying to find it as well. They also were looking for it around the holidays. I remember the Christmas decorations in the movie. From the revues of the other movie the one I'm looking for sounds like a better version. Sure wish I could verify the name

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