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Does anyone going to the Festival need a roommate?


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I was wondering if anyone staying at the Roosevelt would like a hotel roommate! I'm coming by myself--my husband is staying home with our elderly dachshund (he's also not a huge classic-movie fan; on our first date I asked him what his favorite old movie was and he said "The Godfather." Seriously, people. That was "old" to him.)


If you have booked a room and would like to split the cost (I will give you my share up front), I would love to hear from you. I willl even provide references! (And, like Steve Guttenberg's betrothed in "Diner," would be happy to take a trivia test!)


Take care,



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Well, Janet, I'm not looking for a roommate, but your husband obviously has exquisite taste, as everyone knows *The Godfather* is simply the Greatest Movie Ever Made. Bring him so I'll have somebody to knock down Crown on-the-rocks and talk about sleeping with the fishes and going to the mattresses with!


David in Seattle

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I love The Godfather also but old?!? Come on! : )


When we were dating and would rent movies, he'd say, Can we rent something that doesn't crackle? Or, How about one with someone alive in it? I could usually find at least one name on the cast who still was, though, so he gave up on that one!


Knowing that he loved The Godfather helped me at least introduce him to film noir and crime dramas, so he'll watch those. But he actually vaporizes from the living room when he sees me watching something like Brief Encounter for the gahillionth time.

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I've reserved a Roosevelt room with two double beds, thinking I might find another FF attendee with whom to share. Planned to keep the room either way, but it would be nice to split the cost since I expect to spend as little time there as possible. Would probably be more fun to share, too.


Is there a way for us to trade email addresses so that we may get to know each other a little, share trip plans, etc. and varify this is something we'd like to do?


Did you attend the festival last year? I did but I didn't stay at the Roosevelt so I'm not familiar with the size or layout of these rooms. I'm easy to please when it comes to hotel stays, though, as long as it's clean and the shower works well, I'm good. I saw a bit of the Roosevelt last year roaming through to get to the various events. I'm sure the room will be very nice, even if it's not roomy.



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oops. Obviously that should read 'verify'.


BTW, I made my reservation the very first night they announced the dates of the festival, back in September. Interestingly, the Roosevelt staff didn't know the info was being released that night so they weren't prepared for the barrage of calls they received. Took me several hours to get through to make the reservation.


Didn't want to take the chance of missing out this time around. Last time the Roosevelt was already completely booked and had a long waiting list when I called them in late November/early December.


I very much enjoyed the place I stayed last time and it was only a couple blocks away, but would like to get the full experience by staying at the Roosevelt this time.

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