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Name of pirate movie?


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Hi everyone,


A few years ago, I saw a preview for what appeared to be a comedic pirate movie on TCM (unfortunately, I missed its airing). I think there was a well know actress who played the heroine, but I can't remember who it was. I kept thinking it was Greer Garson or Katherine Hepburn, but I'm really not sure since I can't seem to identify such movie with either of them in it. But that could just be me.


From what I can remember from the preview/trailer, this heroine was not your average damsel-in-distress character. She seemed to hold her own; I think there was a scene of her sword fighting with the charming pirate captain. Or maybe she is even a female pirate captain herself? I guess to sum up, I would say that it had a fun, adventurous, and comedic vibe to it, with lots of action.


Does anyone have any idea of the movie I'm talking about? I'm sorry if the description is too vague, but that's about all I can remember. I've been looking for this movie ever since missing the air date.



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Besides Jean Peters, before becoming Mrs. Howard Hughes, as "Anne of the Indies, a few other fair maidens who swung a mean cutlass included:


Maureen O'Hara in "Against All Flags" "The Spanish Main"


Yvonne DeCarlo in "Buccaneer's Girl"


Genna Davis in "Cutthroat Island"


Rhonda Fleming in "The Golden Hawk"


Marie Windsor in "Hurricane Island"


These are just a few of the ladies who sailed under the Jolly Roger {Maybe that's why he was so jolly }.....


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