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A Tip for us *TRACY & *HEPBURN fans!

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Soory i have not been on thee "MT. SUMMIT" of all Golden Age websites of late-(of course that being here at TCM) However, I did write a rather lengthy post/article given it was Musical Month on the station, pittng singer/actors in cinema history> *CROSBY, *SINATRA & Elvis!-(& it was sent in cyberspace. If someone knows how to paste, Mongo, Holly, ML, etc Please drop me a line & let me know?)

& I have been throwing my ol' Fedora into the forums on other folks posts' a wee-bit.-(starting to get annual OSCAR-fever though)

But I got TCM's store-(for the most part, that is what it now is, unfortunately?) www.moviesunlimited.com catalog/supplements. For those whom may not know if you get something from it-(namely, it's highly recommended "MAIN HUGE CARALOG!" They will remit booklets from then on. & on it's frt inside cover, has what I taped back in 1987 from PBS "The Spencer Tracy: Legacy" on DVD-(sagebrush on these forums will know full well how tremendous a docu. that baby is!!!) But they put it with 3 *Tracy & *Hepburn flix. Wonderful stuff>"Adam's Rib"/"Pat & Mike" & "Woman of the Year"-(the debut of the 2 legends together!) of course a package deal. However, for those that just want that phenomenal '87 documentary, I suggest you inquire to company, or just wait. I really don't know what they could possibly add to it though, from VHS version? It's interviews of folks that worked with *Spence, are either gone now, or folks (a massive list!) whom admire him-(also sev. are gone by now)

Thank You

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The new Tracy and Hepburn DVD collection is called Tracy & Hepburn: The Signature Collection and is comprised of The Woman of the Year, Adam's Rib, Pat and Mike and the never before released on DVD Spencer Tracy Legacy. It can be purchased here at the TCM shop or most anywhere. I saw a bunch of them at my local Best Buy the other day. As most will know, the three films are already available on DVD.


Now if Warner Video would get off the dime about all those other Tracy (and the few Hepburn) MGM films and get them out on DVD, I'd be happy.





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That sounds like a fantastic buy. Tracy and Hepburn are one of my fave acting teams in the movies, and two of my favorite actors seperately as well. I think I'm giving a big compliment to Tom Hanks by saying that he is a modern-day Tracy. One of those actors with such a versatile face and acting style that he can do practically anything. They're of course still very different, but have that same versatile quality. And I have yet to see an actress that can quite hold a candle to Kate. Cate Blanchett comes close.

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