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The Coward (1915)


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The ending of *THE COWARD* is rather unsettling. Just like with *TO'LABLE DAVID* it is unclear rather the hero dies at the end.


I though this film was terrific. Obviously, it was pieced together from several different surviving prints, with some footage of lesser quality, but overall a poignant and enjoyable picture. Charles Ray gives a heartfelt and emotion packed performance. The whole cast was superb.

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Speaking of broken prints (if that's what this is), I am watching "The Squaw Man" (1914) and is it ever a bit confusing - which sort of made it funny.


First at the beginning, did you saw the woman standing in front of the piano vanished before our very eyes?


During the "discovering he's a father" scene, he came to the house, she showed him a little baby shoe to show shes knocked up and before either got to say "I do", the child jumped out of the womb and onto the horse. Maybe they don't beleive in wasting any time!


Not your average western. :)

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