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Need Help: Desert War Film

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I have searched the net for quite a while and found no answer, so I'm hoping you movie Aces can help me out.


As a kid (mid-1960's) I saw this movie a couple of times on local TV but never since. Here is as much of a description as I can put together.


The setting is a British outpost in North Africa, world War II. They are surrounded by the Afrika Korps with no hope of relief. The central characters are a leader (a Sergeant. I think) and another soldier that has a reputation with the Sgt & other men for cowardice ( I believe). After an Alamo-like siege, the Germans overwhelm the garrison, wiping it out to a man, save the coward, who calls in a devastating artillery barrage while playing dead in a watch tower.


As I can remember, it is a British made movie and cast


This film as haunted me for ages and I'd love to know not only the name, but if it is available out there somewhere.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.





Edited by: SgtJoeGunn on Nov 13, 2010 10:31 PM

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Apparently "Nine Men," a 1943 Ealing Studios production directed by Harry Watt. The cast included Jack Lambert and a young Gordon Jackson, in his third film.


See _http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0036204/_


I found this on IMDB.com by using their keyword search. You can also search the title on the internet and find several other references.


Thanks for alerting me to this film. I had never heard of it, much less seen it. As the IMDB page points out, it sounds like a British version of "Sahara," right up Sgt. Joe Gunn's alley!

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Humphrey Bogart in 'Sahara' --just an aside: this flick has a very tortuous backstory and production history, even I can't fully sort it out. Its very mystifying whether it was drawn from 'The Lost Patrol' or what.

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