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Is anyone else a big fan of this movie? Lately I have watched it a few times, and am always impressed. I think the music by Goblin is some of the most memorable ever in a horror film!

It's a treat to me seeing Joan Bennett of "Dark Shadows" (my all time favorite T.V. show) as the evil mistress of the witches' coven.


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I'm new to the site, so I am just looking through these threads for the first time. I love Suspiria. I think it's not only one of Argento's best films, but is one of the best horror hybrids around. A perfect blend of gruesome giallo and a supernatural mystery, Suspiria is a clearly original horror film while also remaining true to horror classics. The music if fantastic. Really love this film.

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A favorite of mine though it is difficult to sit through unless you're with like minded people. Saw this and "Deep Red" in theaters when they first came out. Unfortunately Argento has not come remotely close to this kind of film making in at least 20 years. John

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Yup, always loved this movie too. Was my first experience with Arjento, and i see all his movies i can since. All of his movies, regardless of their flaws have scenes you will remember for the rest of your life.. Young, beautiful Jennifer Connely falling in the pool of guts in Phenomenon, the ravens identifying the killer in Opera, etc etc. One of my favorites though is Cat o Nine Tails though, largely because of the outstanding performance of the fellow playing the blind detective (can't remember his name but wonderful, wonderful actor). But for eye candy, Susperia has to be the most beautiful picture Argento has done,

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