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many a great film was made in silent....why does not TCM have a Silent Essentials right after the Essentials on Saturday....lots of people cannot endure the late night schedule of Silent Sunday Nights.....and many "talking" classics were remakes of the Silent original films, and lots of people are not aware of this....e. g. Ben Hur, The Hunchback of Notre Dam, Anna Karenina (Love), even The Wizard of Oz....there are so many of them, I do not have the room in this blog to name them all, but you get the general idea, silent films were a delightful art form of light, animation and expression of the Faces! it is a beautiful lost art...keep them in the forefront!

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Well, The 1925 *WIZARD OF OZ* is horrible. But F. Frank Baum had his own company and a series of OZ films during the 1910's. Bebe Daniels made one of her first appearances in a 1910 *OZ* short as Dorothy.


*CAMILLE* was made twice as a silent in 1922 with Alla Nazimova and Valentino, and only a few years later in 1926 Starring Norma Talmadge and Gilbert Roland. I think there was at least one earlier version of *ANNA KARENINA* prior to the Gilbert and Garbo film *LOVE*. Details escape me at the moment. *ANNA CRISTIE* was made in 1923 Starring Blanch Sweet. Frankly the film is much better than the Garbo talkie.


One film you didn't mention would be *BEAU GESTE (1926)* one of thee most successful films of the 20's with Ronald Colman, William Powel and that great all star cast. *TREASURE ISLAND* was made in 1924 with Lon Chaney. Alas the film is now considered to be lost.


While I don't think we will ever see a *Silent Essential's* series on TCM, I would like to think they might consider a *TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection-The Silents* series on DVD. Already long over-due.

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> {quote:title=johnbabe wrote:}{quote}

> yes, that would be nice, and did you ever see the German language version of Anna Christie with Garbo, it is on the flip side of the DVD...it is much better and directed better too, give it a try!


I agree, I like it a little bit better than the English language version. I like Garbo and Dressler in the English language version, but the pacing of the Clarence Brown film is a bit slow.

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