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5 Star ratings on Netflix


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I don't know how much stock people take in these ratings, but I do use them as a guide...if the title gets four or five stars (on a scale of five stars) then I am inclined to go with it and put it in the queue.


I think it's remarkable that so many films have a full five stars. All it takes is one or two people to dislike it and give it a low rating, to automatically ruin its perfect rating.


These are the ones on my queue that have 5 stars...do you agree?











Many others have between 4 and a half and 5:


THE MAN WHO NEVER WAS (looks like 4 and 7/8 stars. LOL)

EACH DAWN I DIE (also seems to be 4 and 7/8)

THE HOUSE ON TELEGRAPH HILL (looks like 4 and 3/4 stars)

HEAVEN CAN WAIT by Ernst Lubitsch (right at 4.5)


CLEOPATRA starring Claudette Colbert (4.5)

THE TRAIN starring Burt Lancaster (another 4.5)


Anyway, it seems pretty unanimous for some of these titles that they are classic crowd pleasers.

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MFF you might be looking at the wrong thing but I am looking at some of these on Netflix and they do not have 5 stars. They still have pretty good averages just not perfect scores


City Lights- 4.0 stars

The Cowboys- 4.0 Stars

The Circus- 3.9 Stars

The 3 Faces of Eve- 3.9 Stars

Song of Bernadette- 3.8 stars

Pillow Talk- 3.8 Stars

The Gold Rush- 3.8 stars


edit: If all you are looking at is the stars they show you their best guess of what they think you will rate the title based on your other ratings. If you click on the title you will see that rating and also the actual average (which can be either higher or lower than what Netflix thinks your rating will be). I would also be surprised if any title has an average of a perfect 5. For example


The Godfather which is one of the highest rated films over on IMDB has an average of 4.5


Edited by: Kinokima on Nov 20, 2010 8:41 AM

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