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Do You Know This Song?


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Thanks. Here's one you may know.


What a smile, and how he shows it,

He'll be happy all day long.

What a name, I'll bet he knows it,

With that handle how can he go wrong?

And the folks in the town all agree,

He'll be famous as famous as he can be.

How can he be a dud,

Or a stick-in-the-mud,

When he's ................


The next line is the title of the song. Can you name the song, the movie it was featured in, and the singer?

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Thanks, Miles...


Here's a song that was a big hit for Eddie Fisher. It was sung in two different movies, one of which starred Fred Astaire...The next line is the title of the song...Name the song, movies, and the composer and lyricist:


"...When I fall asleep at night it seems

You just tiptoe into all my dreams,

So I think of no other one ever since I began

............ ....... ........."

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Muddy--of course its the composers who Astaire and Skelton portrayed in *3 Little Words*--Kalmar and Ruby--mostly famous for writing for the Marx Bros.


Never Seen *3 Little Words*, I have the Eddie Fisher CD, that's How I know the song.


You're on your own with Joel McCrea--I didn't know he could sing.

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On that note, this song was sung in a 1940's movie by an actor/actress who, though a Hollywood star, was not known for his or her singing.




"This is that once in a lifetime

This is the thrill divine"

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I know this song without "Looking it up" because I get my information from the primary source, i.e. the movie itself. Most of the rest of my information come from secondary sources, which are books I've read about films.


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