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Do You Know This Song?

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Thanks. I don't think there's a song in all of *My Fair Lady* that isn't brilliant and beautiful.



This Oscar winning song was sung by this actress while she was under a tree, looking at the petals ofa flower. Her tied up animal friend was nearby.Song, film?

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Thanks. Here's one many of you will be familiar with:


Things have come to a pretty pass,

Our romance is growing flat,

For you like this and the other,

While I go for this and that.

Goodness knows what the end will be,

Oh, I don't know where I'm at!

It looks as if we two will never be one.

Something must be done.


That's the verse to a well known song. Can you name the song, the songwriters, the movie it was from, the performers, and what they were doing when they performed this song?

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In their short "Below Zero," Laurel and Hardy are standing outside in freezing weather playing a small harmonium and a double bass respectively (both of which will soon come to grief) for change.


They play two Gay Nineties tunes, both of which provided titles for later movies. One tune is still fairly well-known today, and is quite ironic in this setting. Both tunes are in 3/4 time, so the boys segue neatly from one into the other.


Can you name those tunes?

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Right on "In the Good Old Summertime," Metz -- part of the understated humor of the opening scene. Stan's vacant expression was never more effective than here.


I'll hold off for another day with the second title, but it isn't "Let Me Call You Sweetheart." The song title I have in mind is fast fading from collective memory, but it was still well-known enough in 1943 to serve as the title of one of the top ten grossing films of that year.

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"sweet rosie o'grady"..i should have known it since i have all of the laurel and hardy shorts

stan plays a bit of it before the old lady shows up and destroys their instruments

the conclusion is a classic....stan in the barrel...i stiil laugh just thinking of itl

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In "Chickens Come Home," Ollie, who is running for mayor, and his wife have a few guests over for dinner. Ollie sits down at the piano to play and sing a little tune called "Somebody's Coming to My House," a cute little number about a couple who are expecting a baby.


As he's singing it, however, Ollie learns that his former flame Mae Busch, who is trying to blackmail him, is on her way over and will be there any minute. The song takes on a whole new meaning, for him and us, as he grows increasingly panicky trying to get through it.


Is that the one you meant?

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Metz, you are too kind.


I have two shorts in mind in that case, but I'll have to review them. That will take time, since I'm old-fashioned (and cheap), and have my L&H collection on VHS. So someone else is welcome to jump in while I search.


In any case, one of my favorite lines from all film, not just L&H, is from "Chickens Come Home." It's Mae Busch, coming into Ollie's office. Seeing Stan standing around there, she tells him simply, "Sca-ram!" with a nice little upward inflexion on the second syllable. She was never lovelier.

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take your time,,reviewe the films and enjoy a good laugh..

seems like we could open a new thread for questions about ,,"laurel and Hardy"


Edited by: metz44 on Mar 31, 2011 10:01 PM

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I'm back. (I took a short cut.)


"You Are the Ideal of My Dreams" from "Beau Hunks." Poor Ollie (and several other men in this short).


I have thought about a comedy riddle thread, but decided I enjoyed more mixing up the genres in this forum to keep people guessing (e.g., describing "42nd Street" so it sounds almost like a film noir).


Besides, I thought of a non-L&H song I really wanted to do. It's another of those you know the refrain, but do you know the verse? riddles.


This one is a fine old song that was incorporated into a very famous musical, although not written by the composer or lyricist of the musical. I'll give the first line, for now:


"A little maiden climbed an old man's knee..."


What is the song, the musical, and the name of the character who sings it?

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ollie.".i'm going to be married"

stan ... " who to ?

ollie.......".why a woman of course...did you ever hear of anyone marrying a man?"

stan..".sure .."..

ollie .. who?"

stan .."my sister."...


L&H have been my favorites since i was a kid and i have just about all their sound films


Edited by: metz44 on Apr 1, 2011 4:31 PM

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Very good, skipper, only needed the first line. Do you remember whether she sings the verse as well as the refrain in the movie? I couldn't remember. Hearing it in the musical was the first time I ever heard this lovely tune.


I also didn't know whether the song was used at all in the 1927 show and the 1936 movie, but looking it up, I found it was included from the beginning. As the ultimate Gay Nineties tear-jerker song, it fits perfectly into its setting in the plot.


Your thread.

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A Best-Actor Oscar winner sang this song in a movie :


" I was farmin' in Missouri, I was gettin' tired of that

So I got myself a satchel and a stovepipe hat

And I headed for the station, gonna travel all about,

But there wasn't any station and I soon found out...."


Singer and movie?

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Thanks. Here are some lyrics to a song that was done many times over the years in many styles:


My love must be a kind of blind love,

I can't see anyone but you.

Sometimes I wonder if you find love

An optical illusion too!


Can you name the song, the movie it was in originally, the singer, and songwriters?

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