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Movies I Cant Stand!


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> {quote:title=hyedenny wrote:}{quote}

> 182 minutes of Judy Garland's annoying vibrato followed by 155 minutes of Barbra Streisand's face and schtick: I will either go insane or turn this crap OFF. How do gay guys enjoy this stuff?


I don't....I think Judy's version is extremely overrated. Way too many musical numbers (although Judy herself is a classic) which go on TOO long and detract from the story...and I've never been a particular fan of Babs.


For telling the story, I prefer the 1937 version with Janet Gaynor....to me, that IS A Star Is Born.

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I don't understand why anyone would like this movie. Garland is old, ugly, fat, a sloppy dresser, with an idiotic hair style.


Why does TCM show this movie so much?


Why is it "essential"?


Why is it ever shown?


Her voice is ok for people who like that old-fashioned '50s music. So go play her CDs and keep the movie off the air. There is no need to see a fat, ugly, old sloppy Judy Garland.

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Judy was only in her 30's when she made it...hardly "old".


Personally, Fred....I much prefer one of Judy's last films, "I Could Go On Singing". Partially because it's very dramatic and doesn't overdo the music (and also seems to be reflective of her own life), and also because it's fun hearing Judy swear....the only time I can recall ever hearing her cuss on-screen (she says "God***n" in one scene).

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