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Songs That Mention Movie Stars

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In the movie "Annie", there is a scene where Daddy Warbucks and Grace take Annie to Radio City to see "Camille" Of course, they have the whole theater to themselves as the chorus and ushers join them in "Let's Go To The Movies". The song mentions Bette Davis, Greta Garbo, Robert Taylor, Chico, Groucho, Chaplin, Lloyd, Mickey Mouse, Shirley Temple, Jackie Cooper, and Fred and Ginger.

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Can't believe this hasn't been mentioned: "Drop that Name," from Bells Are Ringing (original B'way version):


José Ferrer and Janet Blair and Fred Astaire and Vincent Minelli

Daniel Mann and Lynn Fontanne, Elia Kazan, the former Grace Kelly

Louie Schurr and Courtney Burr and Irving Lazar

Anthony Quinn ............And Rin Tin Tin!


Doris Day and Barry Gray and Edna Best

Arthur Loew and Vaughn Monroe, Rebecca West

Irving Shaw and Evelyn Waugh and Errol Flynn

Rory Calhoun .............And Rin Tin Toon!


Barney Baruch and King Farouk, Alistair Cooke and Debbie and Eddie

Lucille Ball and Lauren Bacall, Hedy Lamarr, Roz Russell and Freddie

Carol Reed and Sammy Snead and Deborah Kerr

Anna May Wong ............And Ron Ton Tong!


Errol Flynn!) Rin Tin Tin!

Edmund Gwenn!)Ren Ten Ten!

Ali Kahn!) Rahn Tan Tan!

Raymond Massey! Lassie!

That's the way you play the game

Drop that name!


Film version has slightly different names, beginning with Brigitte Bardot

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This has got to be one of the most name dropping songs ever written.

Cinemania by Stereo Total


Antonioni, Mastroianni

Fellini, Pasolini

Billy Wilder, Lana Turner

Rainer Werner Fassbinder

Marlene Dietrich, Ernst Lubitsch

James Dean, Charles Chaplin

François Truffaut, Jean-Pierre Léaut

Belmondo, Brigitte Bardot


La manie du cinéma: Cinémania...


Marilyn Monroe, Jeanne Moreau

Robert de Niro, Mia Farrow

Woody Allen, Sophia Loren

Ingrid Bergman, Liv Ulman

Rita Hayworth, Ginger Rogers

Gary Cooper, Dennis Hopper

Lollo Brigida, John Travolta

Peter, Henry, Jane Fonda


La manie du cinéma: Cinémania...


Hanna Schygulla, Anna Karina

Isabelle Huppert, Jodie Foster

Claudia Cardinale, Sergio Leone

Jerry Lewis, Tony Curtis

Fernando Rey, Simone Signoret

Alain Resnais, Maurice Ronet

Judy Garland, Gary Grant

James Stewart, Humphrey Bogart


La manie...


Isabelle Adjani, Anna Magnani

Roman Polanski, Klaus Kinski

Alain Delon, Michel Simon

Jack Lemmon, Jack Nicholson

Julie Christie, Jacques Tati

Warren Beatty, Visconti

Jean-Luc Godard, Jean Renoir

Stéphane Audran, Trintignant

... Alfred Hitchcock

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