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unknown color western - please help!


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I tried this a while ago in the general Q&A forum with no success, so I figured I'd try here.


Unfortunately the information I have on the movie is very limited. I saw the very end of it on TCM a few years back. All I remember is a group of men on horseback arriving (at long last, it seemed) at a large body of water. My guess is it was a river, as I seem to recall the men/horses actually entering the water, presumably with the intent to cross it.


The film was in color, and the landscape cinematography was gorgeous (as in Searchers or Sergio Leone caliber). I don't remember seeing any famous faces but I was younger and might not have recognized them. My guess would be that the movie was made in the 50s or 60s. almost certainly not post 1970.


Any guesses? I tried looking at plot synopses for movies with the word "river" in the title but didn't find anything promising...

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