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ATTILA (1954)


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*Here is another movie that for some reason TCM ain't runnin'. Attila from 1954 with Anthony Quinn and...Sophia Loren! WOW! Who wouldn't want to see that?*


Edited by: The_Destroyer on Dec 5, 2010 12:54 PM

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*Got it! I have a couple of torrent search apps installed on my pc, Torrent Harvester and Bit Che. I found several torrents for Attila and now I have it. I stopped waiting on these TCM bozos to show what I wanna see a long time ago. Unfortunately, no torrent for Hot Spell.....otherwise I wouldn't be wasting my time even mentioning it here. What the powers that be of TCM don't seem to want to understand or appreciate is that many people like myself have been literally sitting in front of our TV sets all of our lives ( as I have ) watching anything and everything, cartoons, sci-fi and the like. There is this mindset in Hollywood among critics and the like that people are more interested in listening to cerebral discussions of cinema verite between egghead types like Osborne and company when an awful lot of people just wanna see AGAIN stuff that the distributors in Hollywood have been hording for years now. Break it all out, I say! The world is not getting any younger. Hot Spell, Street Scene, etc. Start showing it and stop hording it! It's like that have to horde all the great stuff forever just so they can have it introduced by Osborne and Ben Mankiewitz. Spare me the introductions and just run the damn stuff, I say. If they can run Quo Vadis then they can run Attila. If they can run Advise and Consent then they can run Washington: Behind Closed Doors. See how it works now? That mini-series has a great over-the-top performance by Jason Robards.....and just last nite TCM put half the country to sleep with Tender is the Night also starring Robards. Why can't these idiots ron something great like Will; G. Gordon Liddy with Bob Conrad? Because it was made for TV? Nobody cares about that...just if it is good or not..and the stuff I am mentioning is damn good. TCM oughta wake up. Of course, I realize that TCM cannot run everything but they can surely squeeze out a helluva lot more than what they are squeezin' out now...alot more if they want...and that's just my opinion as a lifelong couch potato from way back. Hot Spell! Whatz unreasonable about wanting TCM to run that again? Hell, they were running it before. Quinn really plays a dispicable louse in that one and some of the interchanges between him and Earl Holliman are great. Maybe I should just break down and order it from Collector's Choice Video instead of waiting for TCM to ever show it again...that is if they have it.*


Edited by: The_Destroyer on Dec 6, 2010 2:09 PM

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Don't worry, I'll think of it as one large paragraph. :)

I myself make many mistakes while posting i.e. typos, misspellings, etc. As long as the message is conveyed, I care less how its formatted.


I can see your frustartion but TCM just can't show everything. I myself had to look long and hard for some very rare films and do have to look at sites like the Collectors Choice, Ebay, etc


When waiting for cable to air certain movies, I use the Directv's scout function on their older box, its deactivated but that function still works. Has came in handy once in a blue moon.


I noticed your mention of Collectors Choice Video, my mom loves that site because it was the only place she could find videos pertaining to the late Bill Monroe whom she is a fan of. The CCV side companion Collectors Choice Music also has hard to find cassettes and CDs, which we have bought a few of.


I don't subscribe to Netflix but maybe this will help



Have a (I hope) nice evening.

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