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Finding Spencer Tracy/Mickey Rooney VHS/DVD's

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The VHS versions of those films are not longing being produced but frequently can be found on Ebay. Warner Video (and in the case of Stanley and Livingston, Fox) has not issued any of the films on DVD. They should; sooner than later. I have no idea why Time Warner is sitting on these films. I thought the idea was to make money off them.




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Longtime no hear! Anyway, don't know as much about "The Mick" Mickey Rooney-(1920-) However, i still get catalog supplements from www.moviesunlimited & they do have "Boys Town" & also: "Captains Courageous" on VHS in them-(they are "ridiculously," being treated nowadays secondary of course in favor of DVD's, but they are still around a bit. As for "Stanley and Livingstone" (1939) (as sagebrush stated *Tracy was loaned/traded only a short distance away to 20th Century Fox)>(the "Dream Factory," he started at & detested! Both M-G-M & Fox are in Culver City, CA. as sagebrush is well aware.) That is yet another 1 that is in question as she stated & is not on reg. VHS. But, also at several Hollywood Video & or Blockbuster Stores-(you can maybe, maybe, mind you. Sometimes find some of these in the (previously used section of said store. They are still like new, for the most part. But not as superior as a DVD of course, in terms of quality & all. However, I just saw "Bad Day at Black Rock" ('55) in a video store in previously used area a few days back! As well as "San Francisco" (1936)

But as she cited, to also try Ebay,etc if all else fails. I get disgusted with the "discrimination," now towards VHS. They should offer both of course. I know DVD is better, it's just I have always enjoyed the actual box a lot more myself as well. Kinda' strange, but dats, dat

(ALWAYS CALL AROUND TO THOSE STORES & INQUIRE ON "Previously used"-(they are also warranteed)

By the way, Mickey is opening in awhile a "Motion Picture Hall-of-Fame" on Hollywood & Vine. With another fella' I hope it takes quite awhile, because a pal 0'mine-(he is on these forums as well) has his own website of same, but just doesn't have the financing for his own Museum, unfortunately!

& to sagebrush-(what ever happened to "Man's Castle???")

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To both sagebrush & tandrzej1950, just your opinion-(but, please be impartial. As Sagebrush522 is aware *"The Great: Spencer Tracy" is my all-time #1 Idol & Hero-(*Sinatra a distant runner-up!)

But, I still try & be impartial as much as possible-(EXAMPLE: I don't believe he deserved his 1st ACADEMY AWARD nom. for Best Actor for "San Francisco" (1936)-as Father Tim Mullen (In reality, he shoulda' won s. actor. Gotcha'!) By the way, a bit 0'trivia for sagebrush> What was that same yrs. *Tracy picture-'36, that really put the hook in *Kate Hepburn?"-(an easy one) He even had 2nd billing in it) She'd just sit & watch it over & over & over?


But the item I wanted both you *TRACY-ITES to give your input on Of the official OSCAR nominees for Best Actor 1940-(his best yr. at the annual box-office, ever too! He was runner-up to Mickey Rooney)

Of his very A-typical OSCAR-bait type of role in "Edison, the Man" (***)-(made almost simultaneously with Rooney's "Young, Edison") or the great true life Adventure & surprising failure with ticket buyers? "Northwest Passage-Book 1 Rodgers Rangers" (****-stars!)-(as sagebrush & many others on here know, there was an already planned sequel-(rare for those days) but for some wacko reason, nobody went to it back then. & it was his debut in technicolor as well. Anyway, he had 2 more that yr. "Boom Town," being the biggest smash, B.O. wise of them. Whom would you have bumped of these nominees, or any? 1940-(should *Tracy have made the cut?)

*James Stewart, "Philadelphia Story"-(won, but he even voted for pal *Hank)

Charles Chaplin,"The Great Dictator"-(won NYFCC)

Henry Fonda, "Grapes of Wrath"-(my vote!)

Raymond Massey, "Abe Lincoln in Illinois"-(his sole nod.)

& Laurence 0livier, "Rebecca"

Thank You


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