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Sure is Holden. About as brilliant as any Janitor can get LOL- *Good Will Hunting* Love this film- I was hoping someone would recognize this wonderful film. Love the location shots besides the Great script and Great acting. ( I lived in Massachusetts for 35 years) Your thread :)

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lavenderblue, you are correct.

It is HOME BEFORE DARK (1958), featuring Jean Simmons in one of my favorite performances of hers. Your comments about the Massachusetts locations in GOOD WILL HUNTING made me think about HOME BEFORE DARK.

I was beginning to feel a bit frustrated that no one seemed to know this movie. When I know a movie I find that I usually can guess it within two sets of clues.

When did you realize that is was HOME BEFORE DARK?


Here is a clip from the movie:




This was actually the first Jean Simmons movie I ever saw. As I watched the movie for the first time I was thinking how unflattering the blonde hair was on her---- not realizing that this was not her usual hair color until it was revealed that her character in the movie had dyed her hair to look more like her stepsister.

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By the 2nd set of clues I knew for sure it was *Home Before Dark* . Since I had done the one before, wanted to keep it open for someone else to get a turn. There was a question about *Home Before Datk* last week in trivia that I answered. Yes, Jean's blonde look wasn't her most flattering. She was a beautiful woman and she's one of my favorite actresses.





unrequited love

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Huh? why the nasty crack? *The Second Woman* has absolutely NOTHING to do with *Pandora and the Flying Dutchman* Totally different plot. and I didn't make an crack about your incorrect guess, so why that Uncalled for rematk. If you're **** about Olivier and Wyler, you didn't do your research before you attempted to correct me.

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