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Film title help please: Woman marries her ex under an assumed name?


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I'm looking for the title of a film I saw about 15 years ago on TCM. It's in b&w, looks to be from the 1930's.

It's about a couple who are divorced and run into each other at a party. She acts like she has never met him before and has him convinced that she is someone else who just happens to look a lot like his ex wife. They wind up falling in love and getting married again (with her under the false identity), then on their way to the honeymoon cruise she reveals a sordid past that makes him regret the marriage. Once they're on the ship she goes back to being her true self and "bumps into" him. They hit it off and he misses her and wishes they had never gotten divorced. The movie ends with him telling her that he's married and her saying something like "So am I, darling, so am I..."

I loved this movie and have been trying to remember the name ever since. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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Thank you, MissGoddess, The Lady Eve is exactly it! I didn't see the very beginning so I don't know why I remember a cruise ship, but the train compartment part is spot-on. The best part is that Netflix has it to watch online! Many, many thanks.

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