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Movie identification help please!


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i an hoping someone out there can help me. In January, 2000 i watched a movie about 2 sisters who lived in a big farm house. The parents had died and they didn't want anyone to know because the older sister didn't want the authorities to take the little sister away. The older sister had saved tons of newspapers in the back room and she told the little sister that one day they would have to use them.. There was a train that i seem to remember that ran through their backyard, Then one day, as the policeman came snooping around, the older sister had to make a decision. She set the newspapers on fire and burned down the house. She made it look like they died in it. As the house was burning, the two sisters ran to the train and jumped on it. This way they were able to stay together. Does anyone out there remember seeing this movie? I would appreciate any feedback. Thank you.

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I'm recalling a movie similar to this. Was it an '80s movie? Was the older sister in about her mid- to late-20s and the younger sister in her teens? Did they jump on a train, or just walk down a railroad track into the night?


My first thought was that Susan Sarandon portrayed the older sister, but looking at her credits convinced me I was wrong.


Even if it's not the same movie, trying to think of the title of the one I'm remembering is driving me nuts.

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