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Does anybody remember this Mickey Rooney movie?


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I recall a Micky Rooney comedy from my youth in which Mickey finds himself at one of the 1950's Nevada Atom Bomb test sites, in a simulated test town, when the bomb goes off. Somehow he survives and becomes famous, possessing some irradiation powers which eventually wear off. On his way back to normalcy he is kidnapped by a criminal element. I don't remember much else but I recall at the end he and his girlfriend are back in the desert and he finds himself in another test site town...

I haven't seen this movie for several decades, but I would like to know the title and if it is availble in the TCM library, or elsewhere, so I might see it one more time.


Anybody in the forum recall this movie?

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That's it! :) Thank you very very much!

I remember when they found him he still had this crusty peanut butter sandwich in his hand and he was talking high speed, a mile a minute. Very funny, as I remember it!


*"The Atomic Kid"*

Now to find this movie!


Thanks *scsu1975* for the quick and accurate reply.

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Thanks for checking & for the suggestion *ValentineXavier*

$249.95 is a little steep for a movie I just want to watch again once or twice. It's obviously out of print if people think they can scalp that high.

It's not availble from Movies Unlimited, nor Blockbuster or Netflix to buy or rent. only from Amazon on VHS. I have a couple of obscure sources that I need to check before I commit to an Amazon used VHS purchase for $23 plus S/H.

I don't know if it's in the TCM library, but it's not scheduled to play during this *Mickey Rooney* month and I don't recall TCM ever showing it, so I won't hold my breath waiting on them.

Too bad. As I remember it was a pretty funny little film, making light of a lot of 1950's Cold War era fears. Worthy of a re-see for nostalgia sake ;)

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