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Title of old B/W movie.. romantic comedy.. she lives atop hundreds of stair


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I was waiting for my husband to be released from formation (and thus from base) anyway, while I was waiting I stopped channel surfing and started watching this old black and white movie. I didn't get to see the whole thing but it was very interesting and I want to see it! Anyway, there was a young man in the Navy, I believe, and he really liked this woman who I think she was a singer? or actress? Not like a superstar but I remember something about this "show" they went to and I think she was in it and I think his dopey looking fellow shipmate friend ended up on stage. He kept trying to woo her but she was playing VERY hard to get. Ok, now I AM sure that she lived at the top of a gazillion stairs. I think she lived with another woman or maybe a few? I remember the man and woman got into a fight when they were inside her place and something about broken glass. I know this description is very vague but I am hoping perhaps someone will know the movie! Please?!?!?!!

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