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According to a story by Susan King in the LA Times (12/14/10) a series of previously unreleased vintage FOX classics are going to be released on DVD via a company called SCREEN ARCHIVES. The company is most noted for releasing a series of classic soundtrack albums, The DVD's will be available as limited editions of 3,000. These will not be MOD's. Its stated that these DVD's will be pressed deluxe editions with booklet, poster art, etc. Each DVD will sell for $19.99. A new title will be offered the last Tuesday of each month.


First release on January 25 will be THE KREMLIN LETTER. Other titles to follow include APRIL LOVE, VIOLENT SATURDAY, FATE IS THE HUNTER and THE EGYPTIAN


For more information go to SCREENARCHIVES.COM.


Checked the website today (12/14/10) and nothing has been posted as yet. When I called their 800 number I was told information will be posted shortly.

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Here is a list of the upcoming titles:


*Fate Is The Hunter ? Tuesday May 10*

*Woman Obsessed ? Tuesday June 14*

*The Egyptian (on DVD and Blu-ray) ? Tuesday July 12*

*The Flim Flam Man ? Tuesday August 9*

*My Cousin Rachel ? Tuesday September 13*

*Stagecoach (1966) ? Tuesday October 11*

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Just ordered THE EGYPTIAN DVD. Sorry no Blu Ray for me. At $39.00 not including shipping is way, way too pricey for me. Someone compared the prices to Criterion. But those disc are always on sale and Criterion has loads of extra features plus all their releases are usually classics. Many of the titles released or are coming from SCREEN ARCHIVES are mediocre films, especially WOMAN OBSESSED. THE EGYPTIAN is campy fun but far from a classic and not worth $40. Screen Archives is to be commended for releasing the FOX films but I wonder who selected these titles. is it because of who composed the film score since this company specializes in film soundtracks? .The only other title I might be interested in that is coming is MY COUSIN RACHEL. I guess there are people out there willing to shell out $40 or $50 for a BR, but not me unless its some kind of deluxe issue like WB is doing. .

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More announced titles:




RAPTURE (1965) BLU-RAY - Dec 13th

FRIGHT NIGHT (1985) BLU-RAY - Dec 13th



PICNIC (1955) BLU-RAY - Jan 17th






Nix on these titles for me. $39.95 for BR is out of line. The Columbia titles seem to be priced at $34.99



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It is my understanding the Screen Archives pays a big licensing fee from both FOX and Columbia for these titles. Even though its limited pressing its doubtful if all these titles will sell out from their 3000 pressings. And most of the FOX titles released so far (with the exception of MY COUSIN RACHEL and maybe VIOLENT SATURDAY) are just not very good films. I could do without the Columbia titles since I already own the SD version and am happy with the way they look. The Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood will be showing the premiere BR version of MYSTERIOUS ISLAND on Sunday 11/13 at 4PM. Its unfortunate both FOX and Columbia don't see fit to release these titles in BR on their own. I just spend too much money on BR and SD discs to pay exhorbitant prices for any new releases. At least Criterion titles are offered for great prices and have tons of extras.









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