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Commentary audio tracks


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Yesterday I watched the DVD of Victor/Victoria with the commentary track featuring Blake Edwards and Julie Andrews, which was fantastic to hear for the first time. Something TCM should consider for some of its movies, when it's available because of a DVD release, is to have audio commentary on the secondary SAP audio for viewers to choose from. That would be a nice feature to have available on TCM.

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If it wasn't for the audio commentary in the "Tron" (1982) DVD, I would have never noticed the Mickey Mouse image.


As Tron, Flynn, and Yori head towards the I/O Tower in the Solar Sailer, they fly over a desolate vista of hills in various sizes and shapes. One hill is leveled off, more like a mesa, and as the camera tracks to follow the Solar Sailer and when the camera's point of view is from overhead, this mesa moves underneath resembling Mickey's profile in silhouette, the nose is on the left and the ears on the right.


It took me 25 years to notice that thanks to the commentary.

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